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Twenty-Ninth Sunday – 17 October 2010

Gospel : Luke 18 : 1 – 18 Year C You need to pray continually …. You remind us to-day of an important message, Jesus. Prayer is the breath of our spiritual life; it is the dialogue between a child and his father. In prayer, anything goes, everything is food for this dialogue : love, praise, thanksgiving, requests also… You have given us the example of this throughout Your life, and You continue now through the Mystery of the Eucharist. There, You invite us to be united with You, to praise You and to intercede with You. Pray without becoming discouraged …. The motif of this prayer is the fatherly goodness of God. If a judge without either faith or law ends up by doing justice for a poor woman … in order to get rid of her, how...

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Twenty-Eighth Sunday – 10 October 2010

Gospel: Luke 17: 11-19 Year C Jesus was crossing Samaria and Galilee You go up to Jerusalem, You go towards death and resurrection…. to bring the whole world with You into the Father’s house. Samaria and Galilee which You cross are the image of the world. Samaritans are the foreigners; in Galilee, Jews and pagans are mingled. You have come to free us all from leprosy of sin and offer divine life to everyone. Jesus, Master, have pity on us! The lepers express their distress; they don’t ask for either healing, nor alms …. They put their trust in You, Lord…. In this alone they are already a model of prayer. In my hardships, in my difficulties, do I know how to look to You? Do I know how to submit myself to You… completely? Go and show yourselves...

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Twenty Seventh Sunday – 3 October 2010

Gospel: Luke 17: 5-10 Year C Increase our faith! Lord, You have just recalled for the Apostles the requirements of fraternal love; You invite them to pardon seven times a day, a brother who repents. (Lk. 17:4). But is this above their capacity? They sense the need for a stronger faith to accept such efforts, hence their prayer: increase our faith! How the understand it! We encounter the same difficulties …. Also, we address the same prayer to You. If you had faith the size of a mustard seed! You don’t respond directly to their request. In accordance with Your custom, by drawing in images which seem impossible, (here, a tree to be planted in the sea), You draw our attention to what is essential, to the mysterious power which is faith. The question is not to know the...

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26 Sept. 2010 – Twenty Sixth Sunday

Gospel : Luke 11 : 1 – 13 Year C There was a rich man ….at is gate there lay a poor man… It’s always the same contrast nowadays, as much for individuals as for nations. On the one hand, the rich with their lavish spending …. and at their gate, many poor people… more and more poor! Faced with this, one could easily have said : the world is badly made! The fault is not Your’s, Lord, because You have made this world so that people could live together as brothers, sharing the goods which You created in abundance. But mankind is full of egoism. He wants everything from himself. He does not want to listen to Moses and the Prophets”….. he doesn’t want to listen to You! You warn us against the dangers of riches. They close...

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12 Sept. 2010 – Twenty Fourth Sunday

Gospel : Luke 15 : 1 – 32 Year C Tax collectors and sinners were all coming to Jesus You had said : I did not come for the righteous, but for sinners. You illustrate this by Your attitude of mercy, by Your welcome for all. The Father sent You to reveal His Fatherly love to all. You do not demand a certificate of good conduct from those who come to You. Your first prediction in the synagogue at Nazareth was clear (Lk.4:18): The Spirit of the Lord has sent Me to bring the Good News to the poor, to proclaim liberty to captives,….” These poor are those who lack love, who are captives of their moral misery. You come to free them, to give them the freedom of being children of God…. These poor, tax collectors and sinners,...

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5 September 2010 – Twenty Third Sunday

Gospel : Luke 14 : 25 – 53 Year C Great crowds made their way to Jesus. The people of Palestine have heard about You. They come to see the marvellous things that You do. They have heard Your teaching which is not “like that of the scribes”. You have known human success, Lord. You have been able to see huge crowds searching for You. The crowds are thirsty for happiness, light. They are ready to run to whoever will provide them with what they await. But deception comes quickly, because humans cannot satisfy the deep desires of hearts. He turned and spoke to them: You do not seek Your own glory in making these beautiful promises to the crowds! Certainly You have told them, and You will tell them again, the Good News, the love of God for...

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Our Lady’s Choral Society

Our Lady’s Choral Society (The Archdiocesan Choir) will celebrate the Beatification of John Henry Cardinal Newman with a performance of his poem ‘The Dream of Gerontius’. Set to music by Edward Elgar. The Choir with soloists Ulrike Schneider, Paul McNamara and Ian Caddy and the UCD Choral Scholars will be accompanied by the RTE Concert Orchestra conducted by Proinnsias O’Duinn in the National Concert Hall at 8pm on 2nd. September 2010. A Special Evening Prayer will take place to coincide with the “Dream of Gerontius”. Evening Prayer will be in University Church, St. Stephen’s Green @6:00pm. Further information...

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29 August 2010 – Twenty Second Sunday

Gospel : Luke 14 : 1 – 14 Year C Jesus had gone for a meal to the house of one of the leading Pharisees…. How often the Gospel notes Your Presence at a meal, Lord! Long before this, You had commenced Your apostolic activity with a wedding feast, and You ended it with the Paschal feast. Your enemies never refrain from mocking You: A glutton and a drunkard! (Lk.7:34). They do not want to understand Your message. During a meal, what is important is not the eating, but the being together. To share a meal is to express the joy of being reunited, it is to share friendship, life, ideas, projects, worries …. For You, Jesus, this is exactly the deep sense of Your meals. You want to tell of Your love for everyone. You want to bring...

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The Pilgrims at the Threshold of the Eucharist

Inspired by St. Peter Julian Eymard, whose life is always on the go, may describe their journey as “pilgrims”, in search for lives’ meaning and purpose at the heart of the Eucharist. Nourished by the Body and Blood of Christ, the pilgrims had found invigorating strength and refreshing inspirations as they start their journey on the road of discipleship as hopeful Sacramentinos. This year, the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, had accepted four young and vibrant postulants, who have hailed from three major islands of the Philippines. Diverse and unique in many ways, yet, they have shared in one vision in the pursuit of their search of God and of expressing their humble desire to be of service to others amidst the signs of time in the history of human’s salvation. Let us have a glimpse of the pilgrims’...

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