The Pilgrims at the Threshold of the Eucharist

Aug 26, 2010 |

Inspired by St. Peter Julian Eymard, whose life is always on the go, may describe their journey as “pilgrims”, in search for lives’ meaning and purpose at the heart of the Eucharist. Nourished by the Body and Blood of Christ, the pilgrims had found invigorating strength and refreshing inspirations as they start their journey on the road of discipleship as hopeful Sacramentinos.

This year, the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, had accepted four young and vibrant postulants, who have hailed from three major islands of the Philippines. Diverse and unique in many ways, yet, they have shared in one vision in the pursuit of their search of God and of expressing their humble desire to be of service to others amidst the signs of time in the history of human’s salvation.

Let us have a glimpse of the pilgrims’ lives as they shared their thoughts and motivations that had inspired them as Sacramentinos in the making…

Br. Reynante G. Del Rosario, 32 years old, from Archdiocese of Cagayan De Oro, finished B.S. Criminology and worked as Industrial Artist for quite a number of years. He was inspired by the charism and missions of the congregation around the globe. His desires to live a life in simplicity and to be part of mission in reaching people had motivated him to be a Sacramentino. He hopes that this initial stage of formation would truly help him to discern the will of God in his life. He believes that vocation is an invitation to serve God and to live a life according to His will.

Br. Throy M. Fuentebella, 32 years old, from Archdiocese of Bacolod, graduated with a degree of B.S. in Business Administration and had also completed units in B.S. Secondary Education. As a career-oriented person, he worked as Accountant and Administrator for quite a number of years. His encounter with SSS Fathers and Brothers; inspired by the charism and his immense love for the Eucharist, had made him joined the Congregation. He defined vocation as the very heart of one’s existence in the light of God’s love with faithfulness and commitment in the service of others.

Br. Tedley T. Villanueva, 23 years old, from Archdiocese of San Fernando, graduated with a degree of B.S. Interior Design and had worked as Freelance Interior Designer. Br. Tedley was greatly inspired by the simplicity of life of the founder and he also admired the charism of the Congregation. The relentless support of his family and friends from religious circle had inspired him to enter the seminary. He believes that vocation is a fiat to God; it is a way to imitate Christ and to be a shepherd of the flock.

Br. Benedict M. Rosal, 22 years old, from the Diocese of Malolos, obtained a degree in B.S. Psychology and a Guidance Counselor by profession. He is also a violin instructor at Lyric School of Music. His experience as Knights of the Altar and his strong devotion to the Eucharist had awakened his desire to be a Sacramentino. Through the song, HANGAD, he felt an intense invitation from God. He believes that vocation is like a seed planted in the heart since we were borne and will grow in God’s perfect time.

The Postulancy is the first stage of formation in the Congregation dubbed as “Come and See Program.” An initial stage of formation that will provide a gradual journey of integration in all areas of life.

With profound gratitude and fervent spirit of joy, the pilgrims are all set to be taken, blessed, broken and shared, making the Eucharist as the center and summit of their religious lives.

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