Twenty-Ninth Sunday – 17 October 2010

Oct 17, 2010 |

Gospel : Luke 18 : 1 – 18
Year C

You need to pray continually ….
You remind us to-day of an important message, Jesus. Prayer is the breath of our spiritual life; it is the dialogue between a child and his father. In prayer, anything goes, everything is food for this dialogue : love, praise, thanksgiving, requests also… You have given us the example of this throughout Your life, and You continue now through the Mystery of the Eucharist. There, You invite us to be united with You, to praise You and to intercede with You.

Pray without becoming discouraged ….
The motif of this prayer is the fatherly goodness of God. If a judge without either faith or law ends up by doing justice for a poor woman … in order to get rid of her, how much more will the Father in heaven listen to His children who plead with Him …because He is love…. (1Jn.4:8).

However one often gets the impression that God does not answer! I prayed… and I was not heard! How often one hears such a comment! And the temptation is there to throw in the towel …. Teach us to pray Lord ,,,, to pray like You! Send us Your Spirit to make us understand Your message.

Will God not see justice done to His chosen ones who cry to Him day and night?
God will do justice … it’s not about earthly justice, like that of the widow looking for her rights. You want to make us share Your justice, Your divine life. You want to see justice done to those who pray to You. And they are all the people whom You call to such justice!

Help us to surpass this earthly plan where we can insert ourselves so easily. In all things do justice to us! Keep us in Your love. In the midst of work, of joy, of the problems of everyday, make us live and act as children of God!

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