Stages of Formation


  • It is a time for some familiarization, accompaniment and vocational discernment/guidance both for the aspirant and the congregation. During this period, the aspirant continues to live his normal lifestyle, work and studies. Usually, he resides outside our communities, but visits our houses regularly.


  • It is the second stage of formation. It provides the venue for a progressive knowledge of Jesus and of the life and mission of the congregation. As postulants, they live in one of our communities for a period of months to have an exposure to our way of life.


  • It is a time to break from former patterns of life and test’s one’s vocation under the guidance of a Novice Director. It is done in the hose set aside for this programme and extends over a period of two years, at the end of which he makes his first profession


  • By first profession, the religious enters scholasticate. This is a time to integrate spiritual values, academic and pastoral activities in preparation for Perpetual Vows and Ordination.


“It is in the Christian life that the continuing growth of the human person attains its true dimensions. Faith, which considers human realities in the light of the Word of God, leads us to a personal knowledge of Christ and to a life of ever deeper union with him and with one another. Formation is a life long process and involves each and everyone of us.” ( ROL No. 46)

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