eurocampEach summer at the beginning of August there is a meeting in Europe of young adults organized by some BlessedSacrament Religious. It takes place in different countries each year and brings together young people aged 18-35. It is dedicated to the developing the faith and Christian vocation of the participants. It tries to develop, with the participants, spirituality found on the fullness of the Eucharist. It is organized and run by priests and young lay people associated with the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament.
Each year about 25-35 participants gather from European countries where we aare found – Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Ireland and recently Czech Republic; along with the Blessed Sacrament Religious and lay associates who animate the sessions.
EUROCAMP as the gatherings are called, wants to be occasion that offers the young the opportunity to discover in the Eucharist; a sacrament for their own lives, a challenge offered to shape their future. It seeks to help them live their faith joyfully and authentically in today’s world.
EUROCAMP wants to help them realize that:
The Eucharist announces a new life for our history and humanity; a liberation from self-centeredness that invites us to give of ourselves. That Eucharist leads us to communion with God and with the men and women of today.
If you know of any young adults who desire to deepen their faith in an atmosphere of friendship and sharing with other young adults from Europe,
Please ask them to contact Brother Timothy, SSS.
Mobile phone # (353) 857771370.
Email address.
Further information is found at

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