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1st Sunday of Advent – 28 Nov. 2010

Gospel : Matthew 24 : 37 – 44 Year A Jesus spoke to His disciples about His coming …. You come unceasingly into our lives, Lord. It is You Who keeps us in existence: God holds in His hand the life-breath of humanity, said Job (12:10). God gives to all the life and the breath and everything else, recalled Paul (Acts 17:25). In You is the source of life, sings the Psalmist (Ps.35:10). Too often we forget the origin of this wonderful gift. Like in the time of Noah people want to be masters of their own lives, without reference to Him Who gave them this gift. You came, Lord, to offer a new dimension to our existence. We are not just fleeting earthlings. You came to share our life to let us share Yours. You gave us power...

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Solemnity of Christ the King – 21 November 2010

Gospel : Luke 23 : 35 – 43 Year C Above Him there was an inscription….. It was in Hebrew, in Greek and in Latin. Everybody must be able to read and know who it is that is condemned to death! It attracted the attention of numerous pilgrims who had come to Jerusalem for the Passover…. It continues to attract the attention of people of all times, of all places. This is the King of the Jews! This Crucified One is not a criminal like the others. You are King, Lord Jesus! If the inscription is a mockery on the part of Pilate, it proclaims in reality, the summit of the love of God. The cross is the throne where You have freely ascended: There is no greater love than to give your life for your friends. What is...

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Thirty-Third Sunday – 14 November 2010

Gospel: Luke 21:5-19 Year C The Temple that you are thinking about, not one of its stones will remain on another ….. Lord, You Who admired the beauty of flowers in the field and invited us to consider them (Mt.6:29), were You insensitive to the beauty of the work of human hands, to the beauty of the Temple? What a cold shower for Your disciples and for all of those who heard You! It was almost a blasphemy in the eyes of the Jews that You spoke like this. Will You be numbered among the prophets of doom? Certainly, You announce doom, but it is not to make us live in fear. You want to put us on guard against the dangers which surround us and You invite us to trust. We risk only remembering what amazes us and...

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Thirty-Second Sunday – 7 November 2010

Gospel : Luke 20 : 27 – 38 Year C Some Sadducees – those who say there is no resurrection The Sadducees wanted to be faithful disciples of the Law of Moses, and they were opposed to anything that seemed to them to be novel in religious matters …Now, “Novelties”… You are bringing them, Lord Jesus! In Your teaching and in Your way of interpreting the Law… Among other things, You spoke of eternal life, of the resurrection … They remain with the words of Genesis, interpreted to the letter: you are dust and to dust you will return (Gen.3:19). Sure of possessing the truth based on this sentence alone, they seek to put You in a spot by inventing a far-fetched story: There were seven brothers …. According to the Law of Moses, these seven brothers successively married...

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Thirty-First Sunday – 31 October 2010

Gospel: : Luke 19: 1-10. Year C There was a man named Zaccheus…. He is a small man … he will have to climb a tree to see Jesus! Zaccheus: his name means ”God remembers”. Rightly, You will remember him, Jesus, all the more so because Your preferences are for the small people … and also for sinners, as in the case of Zaccheus. His profession cast him in the category of sinner, because there was the permanent temptation to make money at the expense of others, and it put him in contact with pagans, the Roman occupiers. For You, Lord, he is a lost sheep who must be brought back to the fold… he is a son of Abraham whose dignity must be restored. Grant us this same insight, Your insight, for seeing others, and not to “categorise”...

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Glasgow Group of Life in the Eucharist Movement

This is a momentuous day for the Glasgow Group.  At long last we are able to be part of the Blessed Sacrament Communication...

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Thirtieth Sunday – 24 October 2010

Gospel : Luke 18 : 9 – 14 Year C Certain people prided themselves on being virtuous… The Evangelist does not specify who these people are, Lord… It’s easy to rush to thinking about the Pharisees of Your day …. and to forget that Your words are addressed to every one of us to-day! Could I not also be one of these people? My God, I thank You…. It is a good thing to know how to give thanks … and it is important to do so, provided we remain in truth and humility. The Pharisee of the parable gives thanks because he is not like the others …. He contemplates himself in the deforming mirror of his pride; it is not a prayer that this man has come to say at the Temple. Faced with God, he looks...

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St Anthony’s Newsletter 24/10/10

LIVE NOT IN A JUNGLE The Pope wants Catholics to hack their way out of the surrounding jungle of false ideas. How to begin? One way is to attend the course of five classes being held at St Gregory’s, Maryhill during November, 2010. Each class lasts one hour, between 6pm and 7pm. Topics include: * Monday 1st November: Is religion just for stupid people? * Monday 8th November: Is science objective & impartial? * Monday 15th November: Does ‘progress’ really exist? * Monday 22 November: “Religion poisons everything.”? * Monday 29 November: Favouring reason and disfavouring superstition ALTAR SERVERS Would any boys or girls like to be an altar server? If interested practice on Sunday after 11:15 Mass for 20 minutes or speak to John Paton. NEWMAN ASSOCIATION There will be a talk on “How Genesis Supports Darwin” by...

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Today is Mission Sunday. A Second collection will be made for MISSIO Scotland. MISSIO is the Church’s official support organisation for overseas mission, raising awareness and funds for missionary and pastoral work worldwide. Support for MISSIO Scotland is secure, reliable, and consistent – the basis of the Church’s life and outreach, sharing God’s love and changing...

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