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Fourteenth Sunday – 4 July 2010

Gospel : Luke 10 : 1 – 20 Year C From among the disciples, Jesus appointed 72 …. You had chosen the twelve Apostles to share Your mission, Lord. They were the symbol of the rooting of Your Church in the People of God. We are grafted to the twelve tribes of Israel, recalls St. Paul. (Rom.11). But You have come for all people, Jesus. Since the Bible counted 72 nations in the world (Gen 10). The choice of 72 disciples expresses Your wish to carry the Good News to all people, to tell everyone, all peoples, of the love of the Father for His children. These towns and places where you should go are those of the whole world. He sent them ahead of Him … You want to need people for Your work….. You wanted to need...

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Thirteenth Sunday – 27 June 2010

Gospel: Luke 9:51-62 Year C Jesus was about to be taken up to heaven …… Your mission will soon be finished. You will “return to the Father” Who sent You. The task which awaits Your disciples is huge ….. But how far they are from being ready to undertake this work! It will be up to the Spirit to achieve their formation and to guide them. Nevertheless, You continue their education by associating them with Your ministry. He resolutely took the road to Jerusalem ….. It is Your last journey to the Holy city. You know what awaits You there. Resolutely, with courage, because You love us, You go towards the total gift ….. You want to imbue also in Your disciples the ideas they should embrace because they should have the same courage in the face of the...

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Twelfth Sunday – 20 June 2010

Gospel : Luke 9 : 18 – 24 Year C Jesus was praying alone …. You have often prayed, Lord, alone on the mountain or at night. You had said : When you want to pray, go into your room and direct your prayer to your Father, Who is in the secret place (Matt. 6:6). You give the example of this silent, hidden prayer. …. You continue it now in the Eucharist…. With the Apostles I ask You : Lord, teach us to pray (Lk.11:1). Who do the crowds say that I am? During Your prayers, You have increased light and strength to fulfil Your mission which the Father has entrusted to You, this mission which will lead You to the very end of love, to suffering and death to draw us into Your resurrection. But why then this...

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Fr. Pat Costello’s New Assignment

Following the end of my term as Provincial, Fr. Peter Dowling, the new Provincial and his Council have generously given me a mini-sabbatical during the Summer – I will spend two months studying the Eucharist in our house in Brussels, and a month in one of our parishes in India. Then I will take up a new assignment in our parish in Glasgow in October. I have enjoyed my ministry here in the Chapel, and I thank all those who were so kind and supportive to me. Let us remember each other in our prayers. Fr. Pat Costello,...

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Super Draw Results

We had 4 winners (150 Euro each) in the May Super Draw (the third in this year’s series) organized in co-operation with Raheens GAA Club: Sr. M Hicks, Sisters of Charity Catherine Tierney, Ennis, Co. Clare John Dixon, Raheny, Dublin 5 Noel Mason, Inchicore, Dublin 8 Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all who have supported this Draw. Full results are available in Chapel...

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Eleventh Sunday – 13 June 2010

Gospel: Luke 7: 36-8,3 Year C A Pharisee had invited Jesus to dine with him… You willingly accepted invitations, Lord. For You it was an opportunity to bring people Your message of love. You went into all homes with the same simplicity, the same desire for their well-being. What prompts the Pharisee to invite You? You do not ask Yourself the question. You simply respond. A woman from the town came in…. She is a sinner! Without saying anything, she slips in near You: she is in tears, at Your feet. Furthermore: she covered them with kisses and anointed them with ointment. And You don’t react; You leave her to it!…. What a scandal! The Pharisee concluded from this that You are not the prophet he thought You to be …. In his place, what would I have done?…....

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Fifth Sunday of Easter – 02 May 2010

Gospel: John 13:31-35 Year C Now has the Son of man been glorified …. It is during the last supper You take with Your disciples, when Judas has just gone out to go to betray You, that You pronounce these strange words, Jesus. How can You speak of glory when You are going to be abandoned by all and condemned to death? What do You want to say, Lord? What is this “glory” of which You speak? For the Bible, “Glory” is not an earthly celebration, human veneration. It signifies the profound value of a person. Now the Son of man has been glorified: in this way You say to us: “My passion and death will show you Who I am; They will reveal to you how far My love for you goes”. God is glorified in Him …....

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25 April 2010-Fourth Sunday of Easter

Gospel : John 10 : 27 – 30 Year C I am the Good Shepherd …. The Prophet Ezekiel had challenged the Kings of Israel about their behaviour: Woe to the shepherds of Israel who feed themselves instead of looking after their flock…. and God added : I will take care of the flock; I will look for the lost one… I will make the weak strong.. (Ez:34). In coming among us, You fulfil Your promise, Lord Jesus. I know My sheep … In order to tell us more clearly of Your love, You wanted to “be born among us”. At Your birth “in a stable”, Your first companions are shepherds. Your Apostolic life throughout Palestine was after their image. Seized with pity for the crowds who were like sheep without a shepherd (Mk.6:34), You shared our life on...

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18 April 2010-Third Sunday of Easter

Gospel : John 21 : 1 – 19 Year C Jesus showed Himself again to His disciples on the shore of the Lake of Tiberias… The Lake of Tiberias …. it had all begun there. It is there that You had recruited Your first companions (Mt.4:18-22). You make it also the ultimate departure point, being sent out to the whole world. Your disciples are seven in number, the number of totality,. Put another way, You do not speak only to those who are named, but to all those You will call down through the ages…. down to me to-day. At the break of day, Jesus was there on the shore …. You are always there, Lord, on the shore of our life. But, like the Apostles, too often we do not know how to recognise You. Focused on our...

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