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22 August 2010 – Twenty First Sunday

Gospel : Luke 13 : 22 – 30 Year C Making His way to Jerusalem St. Luke describes Your life for us as a long journey towards Jerusalem. It is from there that You will return to the Father, bringing with You all the people of God. I also am on my way to the new Jerusalem the new heaven, the new earth, where death will be no more (Apoc. 21), towards the Father’s house where You prepare a place for us (Jn.14:3). But do I focus on this? Is this the true goal of my life? Or do I not remain too much occupied with only my earthly worries? Through towns and villages Jesus went teaching. You, Lord, You are completely engrossed in the mission which the Father has entrusted to You. You return to Him, accomplishing the...

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15 August 2010 – Assumption of Mary

Gospel : Luke 1 : 39 – 56 Year C My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord! Mary, you know how to see, how to contemplate at length, the work of God, all He has done in you and in the world …. You invite Elizabeth to share your admiration and your praise. Come, let us also follow you. Give us your vision of faith in order to discover the wonders which the Lord continues to do for His Church, for all humanity …. for each one of us …. Fill our hearts with sentiments of thanksgiving and praise. He has looked upon His humble servant …. Nothing obscured God’s sight of you, Mary. The Angel Gabriel had called you full of grace …. But this did not cause one trace of pride in you: You know that...

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Nineteenth Sunday – 8 August 2010

Gospel: Luke 12: 32-48 Year C Do not be afraid, little flock! “Little Flock”… Flocks are rare in our urbanised world! And often , there is no longer a shepherd; electric fences have replaced them! for you, Jesus, the flock retains all its biblical flavour. It is a beautiful image to express the vigilance of God for his people …. You have taken to yourself the name and the role of shepherd. You are the Good Shepherd Who watch with love over Your flock, over each one of us. Do not be afraid! How often these words have been repeated down through the history of Your people, Lord! Mankind has several reasons for being afraid. We know our limitations, our fragility when faced with difficulty, with the challenges of life…We are aware of our sinfulness … of our collusion...

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Eighteenth Sunday – 1 August 2010

Gospel : Luke 12 : 13 – 21 Year C Master, tell my brother to give me a share of our inheritance … Perhaps this interesting demand did not surprise You too much, Lord; the people went to the “masters of Israel”, the scribes, who knew the Laws and could resolve cases of litigation. In the end, this man shows in this way what trust he has in You. But he hasn’t understood the meaning of Your mission. He calls You “Master” like one would do in speaking to a lawyer or a judge! He is not on same wavelength as You …. But aren’t we just the same sometimes? What are our prayers worth? The case recounted in the Gospel is still the same nowadays! How many families are divided because of a share of an inheritance! For...

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Seventeenth Sunday – 25 July 2010

Gospel : Luke 11 : 1 – 13 Year C One day, Jesus was praying…. The Apostles were struck by Your prayers, Lord Jesus …. Silent prayer, prolonged, in the solitude of the night, or the mountain…. They have anticipated the mystery of Your prayer, a prayer which did not involve repetition of formulae learned by heart… and they also want to penetrate it…. Lord, teach us to pray …. Yes, I make my own the request of the disciple. Teach me to enter into Your prayer. To this end, I don’t have to transport myself back through 20 centuries. The Mystery of the Eucharist allows me to rejoin You. You are there, always with us, continuing Your prayer unceasingly, a prayer of praise, thanksgiving, intercession. There, You invite me to enter into Your prayer … Thank You, Lord!...

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Sixteenth Sunday – 18 July 2010

Gospel : Luke 10 : 38 – 42 Year C Martha welcomed Him into her house. In Your apostolic life, You have encountered all types of situations, Lord. Sometimes You have known deprivation: The Son of man has no place to lay His head (Lk.9:58). But You have also known the welcome of friends…. In the home of Lazarus, Martha and Mary, You felt at home. It was the warmth and simplicity of true friendship. The two sisters express this friendship according to their own temperament: Martha by preparing a good meal, Mary by listening to You ….. Martha was distracted with all the serving …. How many “Marthas” in our world to-day! People busy, running about… Always stressed, they never have time to stop for a while and catch their breath, to listen to each other… And evidently,...

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SSS American Scholastics visit Dublin

THe Dublin Blessed Sacrament community was happy to welcome our American Scholastics Br. Anthony Marshall, SSS and Br. John Christman, SSS last July 13, 2010. They visited Dublin after attending the ordination of their classmate Fr. Cuthbert Brennan, OSB in Glenstal Abbey, County Limerick. After their visit to Ireland, Bros. Anthony and John are going to attend the SSS International Preparation for Perpetual Profession Program (IP4) in La Mure, France, the birthplace of St. Peter Julian Eymard, founder of the Congregation of the Blessed...

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Fifteenth Sunday – 11 July 2010

Gospel : Luke 10 : 25 – 37 Year C What must I do to have eternal life? The question is excellent ….. but the intention is not of the same quality! Because it is to disconcert You Lord, that the question is asked… But is it only something of ancient history?…. Am I not tempted sometimes to do the same in relation to others? What is written in the law? Always, You return us to the Word of God. There we have all the enlightenment necessary to have eternal life. But it also needs humility to welcome the enlightenment with a simple and attentive heart, not by reasoning, quibbling … And who is my neighbour? The doctor of the law continues the discussion. Your reply will invite him to leave the realm of ideas to cross over into...

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Fourteenth Sunday – 4 July 2010

Gospel : Luke 10 : 1 – 20 Year C From among the disciples, Jesus appointed 72 …. You had chosen the twelve Apostles to share Your mission, Lord. They were the symbol of the rooting of Your Church in the People of God. We are grafted to the twelve tribes of Israel, recalls St. Paul. (Rom.11). But You have come for all people, Jesus. Since the Bible counted 72 nations in the world (Gen 10). The choice of 72 disciples expresses Your wish to carry the Good News to all people, to tell everyone, all peoples, of the love of the Father for His children. These towns and places where you should go are those of the whole world. He sent them ahead of Him … You want to need people for Your work….. You wanted to need...

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