Eighteenth Sunday – 1 August 2010

Aug 1, 2010 |

Gospel : Luke 12 : 13 – 21
Year C

Master, tell my brother to give me a share of our inheritance …
Perhaps this interesting demand did not surprise You too much, Lord; the people went to the “masters of Israel”, the scribes, who knew the Laws and could resolve cases of litigation. In the end, this man shows in this way what trust he has in You. But he hasn’t understood the meaning of Your mission. He calls You “Master” like one would do in speaking to a lawyer or a judge! He is not on same wavelength as You ….

But aren’t we just the same sometimes? What are our prayers worth? The case recounted in the Gospel is still the same nowadays! How many families are divided because of a share of an inheritance! For material goods which they will have to leave behind some day, people deprive themselves of the far more precious gift of peace and of the joy of being together….

Be on your guard against avarice of any kind ….
Open our hearts to Your teaching, Lord! Deliver us from “Avarice of any kind”! Free us from this temptation to be focused on ourselves, on “my barns” “my grain”, as in the words of the parable…. to the point of relegating what’s essential, to second place. I would not want to hear You saying to me: “You are foolish! “You attach yourself to what is not worthwhile … and you pass by true riches!”

You are the Master, Jesus; You teach the true values. You came to reveal the love of the Father for all His children …. and not to be a judge or arbitrator of claims! You are the Master …. and you are also the Way, the Truth , the Life …(Jn.14:6). You came to guide us towards this Father, towards the treasure which will not perish, towards the Life which will not end … Let us follow You in thanksgiving and trust!

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