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4 April 2010 – Easter Sunday

Gospel: Luke 24:1-12 (Vigil Mass) Year C The found the stone rolled away… The tomb is empty: they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. What a let-down for them! They didn’t know what to think notes the Evangelist. A stone obstructs their heart and plunges it into darkness and sadness. It is still there; it has not yet been rolled away! Who has not known these moments, these days, when life loses all its meaning, when all is dark, because the light which used to enlighten us has disappeared! Jesus, You were everything to these women: You had cleansed them of evil spirits and of sicknesses (Luke 8:2), and they knew You for a long time. What will become of them? The “rolled stone” opens the tomb but does not open their heart to hope! Is...

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28 March 2010-Palm Sunday

Gospel : Luke 19 : 28 – 40 Year C (Procession) Jesus went on ahead of His disciples, going up to Jerusalem…. You “go up” to Jerusalem. It is Your last pilgrimage, one which will end badly, humanly speaking. But nothing will prevent You from going to the end. You go ahead of Your disciples; You walk “in front”, You show the way to follow. All Your life, You walked focused on the Father. Let us share, Lord, Your filial love…. Let us follow You on the way of fidelity, of loving obedience, whatever obstacles we meet on our path. You will find a little donkey …. bring it here! You are a King, Lord Jesus …. You will demonstrate this on entering Jerusalem to the applause of the people. But You are not king in the way of...

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21 March 2010-Fifth Sunday of Lent

Gospel : John 8 : 8 – 14 Year C The scribes and Pharisees brought to Jesus a young woman They wanted to be faithful defenders of the law of Moses. But their behaviour does not conform to what the law prescribes: They will be put to death, the man and the woman (Lev. 20:10). Why did they only bring the woman? On the other hand, it is not concern for the glory of God that motivates them: they wanted to put You to the test in order to be able to accuse You, Lord …. The same temptation sometimes awaits us. Restrain us from using the Word of God to serve our pride …. or to accuse others. Jesus bent down, and with His finger, He started writing on the ground. What a lesson for us! You don’t...

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14 March 2010-Fourth Sunday of Lent

Gospel : Luke 15 : 1-32 Year C The sinners were all coming to Jesus…. Here I am, also, Lord Jesus, with the crowd of sinners of Your time. I need to be enlightened, healed, pardoned, saved…. You reiterate for us the infinite love of our Father in heaven with this marvellous parable invented by Your heart. Help us to discover the depth of Your teaching. Instead of remaining with the prodigal son, the sinner…. lead us to the Father …. He is the real prodigal, unceasing extravagant love…. towards His two children, towards all His children. The younger son went away, having claimed his share of the inheritance. What arrogance in this attitude! He demands as a right, what is a gift from his father. An image of human pride: to live in his own way, to be...

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7 March 2010-Third Sunday of Lent

Gospel : Luke 13 : 1 – 9 Year C The events reported in the Gospel remind us of television news! People massacred …. accident victims… we hear about this every day! And, like long ago, a scapegoat is sought in these tragedies …. Sometimes even, we don’t hesitate to accuse You, Lord : “ Why has God taken my child, my husband….? Why does God allow robbers, assassins to function? Why does He not prevent these bad things? … We look for the culprits, instead of hearing Your calls. For You, it is not a question of blame, of sin to be punished. You are clear : The Galileans were not greater sinners than others … the 18 people killed by the tower were not greater sinners than others … But for You, everything is a sign from...

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28 February 2010 – Second Sunday of Lent

Gospel : Luke 9 : 28 – 36 Year C He went up the mountain to pray ….. The mountain is a place of meeting with God, in the Bible. Moses climbed Sinai in order to receive the tablets of the Law, of the Covenant…. The Prophet Elijah when persecuted fled to Horeb, the mountain, to rediscover there, close to God, the strength and courage to continue his mission. Yes, there they are, these two great personalities of the first Covenant. They surround You, Lord Jesus; they were speaking to You; they were speaking of Your passing which would take place at Jerusalem. They come to encourage You to see through to the end what they had announced about You. Your “passing” to the Father is near. You will ascend to Him, as You have just climbed this mountain...

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Super Raffle 2010

The Blessed Sacrament Chapel invites everyone to join this year’s Super Raffle. With a total prize fund of 100,000.00 Euro, there are four monthly draws starting in March, with 25 attractive and valuable prizes each month, ranging from cars and holidays to cash prizes. Our participation in this annual Raffle is a major source of funding for the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, and we trust in your on-going support as we bring Christ’s Presence to the heart of the City of Dublin. For details, please contact the Blessed Sacrament...

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Thank You

Thank you for your generous response to two recent weekend collections: Haiti – at weekend of 6/7 February, you contributed 1730 Euro for the relief of distress among Haiti earthquake victims. This money has been forwarded for inclusion in the Diocesan Fund for Haiti. Accord – last weekend you contributed 700 Euro to the annual collection for the Diocesan Agency for Marriage and the Family. Your generosity on both occasions is much appreciated. May God reward...

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21 February 2010 – First Sunday of Lent

Gospel : Luke 4 : 1 – 13 Year C Jesus was driven by the Spirit through the desert ….. The Spirit has shown visibly His Presence in You, at the moment of Your Baptism. You allow Yourself to be guided by Him in all things. He leads You into the desert, like Your ancestors on leaving Egypt. You come to share our journey towards the Promised Land, towards the Father’s house. The desert It is a dry place, barren, where nothing can attract our attention … It is also a place of trials. The Hebrew people had experienced this, but it is equally a place where Your Word can resound more intensely. The word “desert”, in Hebrew, returns us to “word”; it is the same root: God leads His people to the desert to talk to Him. Freed...

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