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21 February 2010 – First Sunday of Lent

Gospel : Luke 4 : 1 – 13 Year C Jesus was driven by the Spirit through the desert ….. The Spirit has shown visibly His Presence in You, at the moment of Your Baptism. You allow Yourself to be guided by Him in all things. He leads You into the desert, like Your ancestors on leaving Egypt. You come to share our journey towards the Promised Land, towards the Father’s house. The desert It is a dry place, barren, where nothing can attract our attention … It is also a place of trials. The Hebrew people had experienced this, but it is equally a place where Your Word can resound more intensely. The word “desert”, in Hebrew, returns us to “word”; it is the same root: God leads His people to the desert to talk to Him. Freed...

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14 February 2010 – Sixth Sunday

Gospel : Luke 6 : 17-26 Year C Jesus came down from the mountain and stopped on the plain … You have just spent the night on the mountain, in prayer, like Moses on Mount Sinai long ago. And like him, You come back down now to the plain to meet people, to convey to them the Father’s message. All humanity is there before You, represented by a crowd of people, who came from Judea and also from the pagan countries of Tyre and Sidon. If I want to be Your messenger for the world of to-day, I must imitate You, Lord. Firstly let me join You on the mountain, in prayer. It is not my ideas that I should convey, but Your Word, Your message. So I should listen to it on an on-going basis, be nourished by...

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7 February 2010-Fifth Sunday

Gospel : Luke 5 : 1 – 11 Year C Jesus got into one of the boats …. The crowd is pressing around You, wanting to hear the Word of God. So You get into a boat. You have often responded to the good-will of those around You, Lord … You want to need us to achieve Your mission goal. It’s not always a huge thing, a little service, but this little thing, this nothing, contributes to Your action: In pulling out a little from the shore, Peter enables people to hear You better …. In giving You his six loaves, a child enables You to feed a whole crowd …. In doing my job, however humble it may be, with love for You, I become an instrument in Your hands to continue Your work of salvation. Thank You...

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The Formation Conference -2010

The theme of the conference was “to become disciples and apostles of the Eucharist in the European World of today, inspired by Fr. Eymard, and other historical figures of the congregation”. Because of how much I enjoyed, appreciated and benefited from the Formation Conference of recent years, I was, at a deep personal level, looking forward to this 2010 conference. Yes! I was looking forward to meeting my fellow religious from the other European Provinces but I was also energized by the theme of the conference and, as I was to be accompanied by two lay members of the Life in the Eucharist movement in the Province – the newest member and the youngest member, respectively – I was looking forward as to how they would experience and react to the conference – the theme, the presentations, the sharing,...

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A Year with Saint Peter Julian Eymard

The period 2010 February -2011 February is an important moment for the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. During this time, the congregation celebrates the 200th birth anniversary of its founder Saint Peter Julian Eymard who was born on February 4, 1811 in La Mure, France. As part of his 200th birth anniversary, the congregation has lined up activities for this jubilee year. In his letter to all the religious of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, the Superior-General, Fr. Fiorenzo Salvi says “the celebration of the 200th anniversary of St. Eymard’s birth constitutes for all of us: an occasion to foster an authentic Christian Eucharistic spirituality; an occasion to encourage and educate the laity and families to find continually in the Sacrament of Christ’s love the energy to transform their lives into an authentic sign of the presence of...

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31 January 2010 – Fourth Sunday

Gospel : Luke 4 : 21 – 30 Year C After reading Isaiah …. You have just read a beautiful message of hope from the Prophet Isaiah, addressed to the poor, the prisoners, the oppressed…. The first reaction of Your contemporaries is positive: He won the approval of all… they remained astonished as one is before a brilliant orator: How well He speaks! But they don’t understand the grace that is offered to them. This text is being fulfilled to-day …. You try to enlighten them …. They must open their eyes to their situation; they must understand that they themselves are these prisoners, these blind people of whom Isaiah speaks and who need a Saviour….. But they do not admit to this. They do not want to let themselves be challenged. So it is You that they call...

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Retiring Collection for Haiti

The Blessed Sacrament Shrine wishes to thank its churchgoers who have generously responded to the retiring collection for Haiti at all the masses last weekend, January 23-24, 2010. The total amount collected was £2,330.00. Thank you very...

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24 January 2010-Third Sunday

Gospel : Luke 4 : 14 – 21 Year C Jesus, with the power of the Spirit in Him, returned to Galilee, St. Luke has often noted the important place the Spirit has in Your life, Lord. Is this not an important teaching for all of us? It is through the Spirit that Mary gave You a human body, Jesus. At Your Baptism, the Spirit was seen to descend on You. And the voice of the Father proclaims You as His Beloved Son. It is the Spirit that drives You into the desert where, for 40 days, You know the tough experience of the Hebrew people in the Sinai desert. There, You teach us to resist the tempter in nourishing us with the Word which came from the mouth of God. You begin Your ministry by referring to the...

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Mass to conclude Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

The Blessed Sacrament Shrine in 4 Dawson Street Liverpool invites all to the 12.10 Mass on Monday, 25th January 2010, as a concluding Mass of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Canon Christopher Cook, Vicar of St. Agnes, Liverpool is the preacher. All are...

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