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Anniversary of the Dedication of The Shrine

Today the S.S.S. Community at Liverpool celebrates the Solemnity of the Anniversary of the Dedication of The Shrine.  (In some modern liturgical commentaries this celebration is often referred to as the “Forgotten Solemnity”; overtones, perhaps, of when the Holy Spirit used to be referred to [in pre- Conciliar days!!] as the “Forgotten Paraclete!!” The Rite of Dedication of a Church and an Altar (Ordo dedicationis ecclesiae et altaris) was celebrated at The Shrine [canonically “oratory”] of the Blessed Sacrament, Dawson Street, Liverpool, by the Most Reverend Derek Worlock, C.H., Archbishop and Metropolitan of Liverpool, on Wednesday, 27th November, 1985.    “The rite for the dedication of a church and an altar is rightly considered to be among the most solemn of all liturgical services.  A church is the place where the Christian community is gathered to hear the Word...

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Christ the King – 22 November 2009

Gospel : John 18 : 33 – 37 Year B Are You the King of the Jews? Pilate thinks he’s asking a straight-forward question. A “yes” or “no” answer will sort it out ….In reality, he’s talking at crossed purposes with You For him : the king is the head of state, endowed with supreme authority over all his subjects. For You: God is the only King. Pilate is thinking of an actual nation: Are You the King of the Jews? You on the other hand are thinking of all people that You want to lead to the only King. And You share His “Royalty”, since You are the Son of God. So You act as Master and You in Your turn ask questions: Are you saying this of your own accord, or because others have told you? You...

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15 November 2009 – Thirty Third Sunday

Gospel : Mark 13 : 24 – 32 Year B Jesus spoke about His coming: “In those days”….. It was the wording used by the Prophets to announce the coming of the Messiah. You take it up, Lord, to speak of Your return at the end of time. But why must we focus on images of catastrophe? You use them in the way of the Prophets of old to better draw our attention to what’s essential. But instead of going to the depth of Your message, we remain so impressed by the image that we do not discover the message which it conceals. And we do not hear the call to trust and to joy that You address to us: You will send Your angels to assemble the chosen ones from the four corners of the world! You announce...

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All Saints – 1 November 2009

Gospel : Matthew 5 : 1 – 12 Jesus saw the great crowd following Him ….. It’s not just to a few privileged disciples that You speak, Lord. You came so that all people can be saved. You make them understand at the start of Your apostolate in Galilee, the “crossroads of the nations”, as the Evangelist recalls it (Mt.4:13-17). Through this mixed crowd from Galilee which follows You up the mountain, it is the entire humanity that You see, all people who hope to ascend to God and who thirst for light…. He sat down …. You take Your time, all the time necessary to teach them…. furthermore, the mountain is the symbol of the dwelling place of God. On the mountain, You sat down; You are at home, Lord Jesus. In this way You teach us that...

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Core Ministry Meeting

There will be a meeting of the Core Ministry Team members on Wednesday, November 11th, at 7p.m. in the Chapel House. The purpose of the meeting is to reflect on the issues raised at the general ministry meeting held on October 21st, and then to decide on how the suggestions put forward might be...

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St. Anthony Parish Prayer Group

The Parish Good Shepherd Prayer Group members meet each Thursday evening at 7p.m. in the Chapel House. New members are most...

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St. Nicholas Care Fund Open Evening 9th November

Archbishop Conti and the Trustees of the Fund invite you to join them in the Eyre Hall, Curial Offices, 196 Clyde Street, Glasgow, from 7 till 9. During the evening you will hear stories from beneficiaries of grants, find out what the Fund as been supporting in your area. There will also be the opportunity to find out how to make and application for a grant. To book a place please call Liz McQuade on 0141 226 5898...

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25 October 2009 – Thirtieth Sunday

Gospel : Mark 10 : 46 – 52 Year B Jesus left Jericho with His disciples and a large crowd …. This must have been a wonderful sight! But, it is not human success that You are seeking. And You know that it is not outward appearances that count. You know the still human desires of Your disciples just as You know the great versatility of the crowds. What You seek, is the interior sentiments of faith and love. What You look at, is the depth of hearts. A blind beggar was sitting at the side of the road…. Here is the one You want to point out as the true disciple. No one would have paid attention to him if he hadn’t started to shout: “Son of David, have pity on me!”… There was no other way to...

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