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Paschal Life – Novice Life

Some of you may be old enough to remember London Weekend Television’s sitcom ‘Two’s Company’, staring Elaine Stritch and Donald Sinden. The basis of the comedy is cultural difference as the banter between the brash confident American writer rubs up against the reserved, poised manner of her hired English butler. Thirty odd years later, the scenario remains largely the same. The Dublin postulants and have now become the Manhattan Novices, and two months into this yearlong adventure, I have been asked to provide some insights into the world of Religious formation, which, I have to say feels a bit like writing a postcard home. It is though a marvellous aspect of this life to find oneself in a culture so different from where my life began. A year in Dublin; a year in the USA, this is a collection...

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My visit to India: a rich experience

Last August I had the immense pleasure of visiting India again for a month – my second visit. I went there to experience its people’s life and rich culture, to listen to them, to learn from their wisdom, to understand them and particularly to meet my fellow SSS religious. Ever since I read the life of St. Francis Xavier as a boy, I had a special interest in India. After visiting there in 2003, I wanted to go back and see more. India’s civilisation is as ancient as that of the Middle East, with a splendid and enduring culture. Despite growing economic development, the people of India have not lost their ancient values – I was deeply impressed by their love of education and their determination to succeed, their respect for people of all ages, their ability to endure...

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13 March 2011 – First Sunday of Lent

Gospel: Matthew 4:1-11 Year A Jesus was let into the desert …. Lord, Your ancestors knew the Sinai desert for 40 years. Like them, You want to experience it. The desert, land without water, without life, is the place of need… and therefore of temptation. How often the Hebrew people have complained and have wanted to go back to where they had come from. They were hungry, they were thirsty…. But the desert is also the place to hear the Word of God: I will lead her into the desert (my unfaithful spouse, My people) and I will speak to her heart. (Hosea 2:16). You have lived these two aspects, Lord: the temptation and the listening to the Word of God. Thank You for sharing Your challenges in this way, and thank You for the example that You give...

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Future LITE Events

Life in the Eucharist I Programme will be conducted at Blessed John Duns Scotus (Franciscans) 270 Ballater Street, Glasgow G5 OYT this Saturday, 11th December. It begins with a Mass at 10 o’clock and will be finishing around 4.00pm. The following day Sunday, 12th December, the session will be from 1.00 pm – 4.30pm.  Glasgow LITE team is pleased to announce that next year 2011, the LITE programme will be conducted at the following: a)    40 Hours Adoration  –  St Aloysius, Springburn  –  Sunday, 23rd January, Monday, 24th January, Tuesday, 25th January 2011:  5.30pm – 7.00pm              b)    Life in the Eucharist II  – Scriptural Aspects  Three evenings at University of Glasgow Chaplaincy:  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday [40 Hours Adoration] 6th, 7th, 8th February 2011 c)   Life in the Eucharist I Programme  Five evenings at St Brendan’s, Yoker  –  Fr Pat will...

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LITE Team Glasgow Training Day

The Glasgow Life in the Eucharist Movement has been invited to lead Events for several Parishes over the next six months. For example: a) Life in the Eucharist I Programme at Blessed John Duns Scotus (Franciscans) 11-12 December 2010; b) 40 Hours Adoration at St Aloysius, Springburn: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 23-25 January 2011; c) Life in the Eucharist II – Scriptural Aspects at Glasgow University Chaplaincy (40 Hours): three evenings 6 – 8 February 2011;d) Life in the Eucharist I Programme at St Brendan’s, Yoker: March 14th 2011 – five evenings; e) One-Day Retreat at St Joseph’s, Helensburgh: Saturday, 26th March 2011; f) One-Day Retreat at St Gregory’s, Wyndford: Saturday, 7th May 2011 (for those in Church ministry). Training days taking place prior to all...

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2nd Sunday of Advent – 5 December 2010

Gospel : Matthew 3 : 1 – 12 Year A In those days, John the Baptist appeared and proclaimed…. John the Baptist did what he was sent to do : he proclaimed. He is a voice crying. He lends his voice to God so that the divine message can be spread throughout the world. It was the role of Moses and of the Prophets of Israel. How often this order of God is repeated to those He has chosen: Go, tell My people…(Is.6) Go and shout this in their ears… (Jer. 2:1). I am sending you to them to say ….(Ezek. 2:3). They don’t have to rack their brains to find the words to say: I put My words in Your mouth. (Jer.1:9)… They must be attentive to God to transmit His message. John has fulfilled his task well....

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1st Sunday of Advent – 28 Nov. 2010

Gospel : Matthew 24 : 37 – 44 Year A Jesus spoke to His disciples about His coming …. You come unceasingly into our lives, Lord. It is You Who keeps us in existence: God holds in His hand the life-breath of humanity, said Job (12:10). God gives to all the life and the breath and everything else, recalled Paul (Acts 17:25). In You is the source of life, sings the Psalmist (Ps.35:10). Too often we forget the origin of this wonderful gift. Like in the time of Noah people want to be masters of their own lives, without reference to Him Who gave them this gift. You came, Lord, to offer a new dimension to our existence. We are not just fleeting earthlings. You came to share our life to let us share Yours. You gave us power...

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Solemnity of Christ the King – 21 November 2010

Gospel : Luke 23 : 35 – 43 Year C Above Him there was an inscription….. It was in Hebrew, in Greek and in Latin. Everybody must be able to read and know who it is that is condemned to death! It attracted the attention of numerous pilgrims who had come to Jerusalem for the Passover…. It continues to attract the attention of people of all times, of all places. This is the King of the Jews! This Crucified One is not a criminal like the others. You are King, Lord Jesus! If the inscription is a mockery on the part of Pilate, it proclaims in reality, the summit of the love of God. The cross is the throne where You have freely ascended: There is no greater love than to give your life for your friends. What is...

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Thirty-Third Sunday – 14 November 2010

Gospel: Luke 21:5-19 Year C The Temple that you are thinking about, not one of its stones will remain on another ….. Lord, You Who admired the beauty of flowers in the field and invited us to consider them (Mt.6:29), were You insensitive to the beauty of the work of human hands, to the beauty of the Temple? What a cold shower for Your disciples and for all of those who heard You! It was almost a blasphemy in the eyes of the Jews that You spoke like this. Will You be numbered among the prophets of doom? Certainly, You announce doom, but it is not to make us live in fear. You want to put us on guard against the dangers which surround us and You invite us to trust. We risk only remembering what amazes us and...

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