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I was still a college student then when I started to become fascinated with the Sta. Cruz Church. From my long break in class, I was exploring the nearby places in Far Eastern University (the University where I graduated) when I passed by the busy area of Sta.Cruz. As I look around, my attention was then caught by this old Spanish-built church. I was captivated by its exquisite appeal. At that moment, I felt differently as I headed through the door. Inside, I appreciate the inviting silence and the solemnity of the place, making me want to pray to the Blessed Sacrament, so as everyone else around me who are seated in that church. As I watched from afar, I’ve observed the religious congregation occurring at that time. From the distance, I was so mystified with the way they...

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Inner Self: the Sanctuary of Inner Peace

I pray to the Lord to bring His overflowing peace to my troubled inner-self. My inner-self is my spiritual self. It is through my inner-self that I could meet the Lord. It is my spiritual being where the ultimate peace of God could immerse into my praying soul. It is where my prayers were answered by God’s response. It is a place where I could be united with God. It is a place within my heart where I invite Jesus… to embrace me, to stay with me and live in me. It is a sacred place within me. Even the world is too busy and noisy; I could still find serenity and harmony within me. Even the world where I am living is in terrible chaos and despite of the pain and agony that I am suffering… there is...

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Bloom where I am Planted

Is this a foretaste of missionary life? Did God answer my prayer before? Actually it is my desire and I prayed for it even. I am now a missionary in a foreign land where I am of service in my own little way. It was over ten months ago when I was seeded on the ground of the Celtics. As I was newly planted, I experienced a lot of challenges. I exerted much effort in adjusting to the new environment because it was totally unusual; it was totally different! This is for real. There were lots of hesitations. I was too young. Questions started to pop out. Will I bear fruit here in Ireland? Will I make it to the end of my pastoral year? Fears and doubts crept in. But holding on to the faith that I am...

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October Weekend on the Eucharist

We will be hosting a team of Lay Eucharistic Evangelisers from Glasgow and Dublin who will present our programme Life  In The Eucharist (L.I.T.E). Life in the Eucharist Programme is specifically designed to introduce a faith community to Eucharistic spirituality and practice. It is presented by a team of trained lay people under the direction of a Blessed Sacrament Religious and Priest. This will be an opportunity to experience the programme and the hope is that from this encounter a team might be formed here in the shrine. Friday 17, early evening session, Saturday 18, day session, Sunday 19 afternoon session; participation  in all the sessions is recommended to get the full benefit form experience. Look out for poster and how to register for the programme towards the end of...

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Full English text of tonight’s Vatican prayer for peace with Israeli, Palestinian presidents   INVOCATION FOR PEACE Vatican Gardens, 8 June 2014

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Lourdes:the canonizations of John XXIII and John Paul II viewed at the Sanctuary

Lourdes : les canonisations de Jean-Paul II et Jean XXIII vues du Sanctuaire 14’48” Published on 27 Apr 201 Category Non-profits & Activism LicenceStandard YouTube Licence   Yes, dear sons and daughters, honour and celebrate him who was so perfect an adorer of the Blessed Sacrament; after his example, always place at the centre of your thoughts, of your affections, of the undertakings of your zeal this incomparable source of all grace: the mystery of faith, which hides under the veils the Author Himself of grace, Jesus, the Incarnate Word. From the homily by Saint John XXIII, Pope at the canonization of Saint Peter Julian Eymard December 9, 1962 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Bishops, priests and lay people from different parts of the world have written to the Holy See earnestly requesting that the liturgical celebration of the priest, Saint...

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Rodin, Marble, Life Exhibition In Rome

Rodin in Rome: when marble comes to life Rome pays homage to French sculptor Auguste Rodin. The exhibition titled “Rodin. Marble, life” brings to the Eternal City 60 of his best works directly from the RodinMuseum in Paris. It can be visited until the end of May 2014. The curator of the exhibition said the French artist was one of the first to combine tradition with modern discoveries. ALINE MAGNIEN Rodin Museum in Paris “Rodin paved the way for the 20th Century. His procedures are very classic, but the way he uses them is quite modern; and so, he guides our attention to a lot of new paths, that where followed by artists in the 20th Century. “ The highlights of the exhibition include the famous “Kiss,” sculpted in 1882. All its details breathe life, and marble becomes flesh....

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Confirmation of Papal Master of Ceremonies

Confirmation of the Papal Master of Ceremonies His Holiness Pope Francis has confirmed Reverend Monsignor Guido Marini [49] in his current position as Master of Papal Liturgical Celebrations of Office for the Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontif.                           domenica 13 aprile 2014 Confermato il Maestro delle cerimonie pontificie Papa Francesco ha confermato il reverendo monsignore Guido Marini nel suo attuale incarico di Maestro delle Celebrazioni liturgiche pontificie....

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A Shrine for Eucharistic Adoration in Preston, Lancashire

A PASTORAL MESSAGE FROM THE BISHOP OF LANCASTER TO THE PARISHES OF ST WALBURGE AND THE SACRED HEART & ST EDMUND CAMPION, PRESTON     Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,   You will know through your engagement with the Fit for Mission? consultation of just a few years ago – how the future of St Walburge church Preston came into very serious question in the light of much fewer people at Mass in this vast and yet most beautiful church. You will be aware how then – and at times since – there will be some priests and people in the Diocese who urge the Bishop to withdraw from inner Preston and to concentrate our resources and personnel on those parts of the Diocese with a greater Mass attendance. There are some voices – even now – who...

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