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Inner Self: the Sanctuary of Inner Peace

I pray to the Lord to bring His overflowing peace to my troubled inner-self. My inner-self is my spiritual self. It is through my inner-self that I could meet the Lord. It is my spiritual being where the ultimate peace of God could immerse into my praying soul. It is where my prayers were answered by God’s response. It is a place where I could be united with God. It is a place within my heart where I invite Jesus… to embrace me, to stay with me and live in me. It is a sacred place within me. Even the world is too busy and noisy; I could still find serenity and harmony within me. Even the world where I am living is in terrible chaos and despite of the pain and agony that I am suffering… there is...

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Bloom where I am Planted

Is this a foretaste of missionary life? Did God answer my prayer before? Actually it is my desire and I prayed for it even. I am now a missionary in a foreign land where I am of service in my own little way. It was over ten months ago when I was seeded on the ground of the Celtics. As I was newly planted, I experienced a lot of challenges. I exerted much effort in adjusting to the new environment because it was totally unusual; it was totally different! This is for real. There were lots of hesitations. I was too young. Questions started to pop out. Will I bear fruit here in Ireland? Will I make it to the end of my pastoral year? Fears and doubts crept in. But holding on to the faith that I am...

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October Weekend on the Eucharist

We will be hosting a team of Lay Eucharistic Evangelisers from Glasgow and Dublin who will present our programme Life  In The Eucharist (L.I.T.E). Life in the Eucharist Programme is specifically designed to introduce a faith community to Eucharistic spirituality and practice. It is presented by a team of trained lay people under the direction of a Blessed Sacrament Religious and Priest. This will be an opportunity to experience the programme and the hope is that from this encounter a team might be formed here in the shrine. Friday 17, early evening session, Saturday 18, day session, Sunday 19 afternoon session; participation  in all the sessions is recommended to get the full benefit form experience. Look out for poster and how to register for the programme towards the end of...

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February Meetings 2013

On Thursday 7th Feb we have a meeting at 1900 for the new members in St Anthonys’ on Govan. They are five in total and each will present their own choice of witness, story or teaching based on one of the five headings  which make up the LITE programme for parishes. On Friday 15th Feb the group will have an inhouse training day with a guest speaker. The subject will be Facilitation and will start at 1900 ending around...

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Members Meeting 21st January 2013

We gathered with Fr Peter Dowling at the Mill Hill Fathers in Cardonald, Glasgow. This was an introduction to the team of the new members so we had a ‘meet & greet’ and tea with biscuits.  Liz described the activities required when the Life in the Eucharist Programme is being presented in Parishes, and said she would be looking for volunteers from the Team to assist in this work. Liz also gave a demonstration about preparing the puzzle for use in the session on “Transformation”.   Two new volunteers are required to assist in this task. Anne Ventisei then explained to the members the contents of the programme and the five sessions Our next meeting is on the 18th February...

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Glasgow LITE

Glasgow LITE team were present at the 5oth anniversary mass of  St Peter Julian Eymard held inSt Anthony’ in Govan on the 9th Dedember 2012 Celbrating Mass was the Archbishop Philip Tartaglia and concelebrating Father Peter Dowling SSS. We had a stand at the side altar with our new banners showing St Peter and Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament leaflets and prayer...

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Glasgow LITE CHristmas lunch

The LITE team Christmas lunch was held yesterday in the Battlefield Rest reastaurant on the south side of Glasgow. All members were there with Fr Peter. Anne Ventisei was at a meeting in Dublin regarding LITE. It was a very happy and amiable group of people who had a good chat and a lovely meal. Bring on next year! It was paid for by the Blessed Sacrament Congregation and so we thank them for their generosity and...

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Time to say Goodbye, or perhaps, Welcome!

I love this time of year, always have, and I suspect always will. This season we know as Advent brings with it a particularly distinctive invitation to enter into a kind of timelessness. This timelessness can be understood in a variety of ways, but always gravitates to the same end: God’s purposes being fulfilled in and because of his love in Christ. We are more obviously aware that we await, plan and prepare for the commemoration of Christ’s birth on the 25th December. The signs of that are all round us. Lurking in the scriptures at the commencement of the season however, is the Church’s invitation to face the unspecified time, for we know “neither the day nor hour” (Matthew 25: 13), of Jesus’ fulfilment of that love, that very force which brought him to dwell among us in...

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Maria to Brazil for three weeks

Our music mistress for our LITE team, Maria Novani has been asked by Father Pat Costello to attend the Commission for Mission group who are meeting in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Maria will be away for three weeks. The Holy Spirit is looking after Maria!! Maria was asked to Brazil as an ideas person and also to submit  a report on The Bl. Sacrament Communities and their ministeries in our province of St. Peter and Paul . Maria will also give an in depth report on LITE which will take the form of a clearer view and understanding of the  capabilities of the communities and their  ministeries …how they operate good or not so good. New ideas can be offered. The focus towards the next General Chapter. Next team meeting of the Glasgow LITE is on the Monday 19th November...

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