Inner Self: the Sanctuary of Inner Peace

Sep 22, 2014 |

2014-09-24 12.37.32 amI pray to the Lord to bring His overflowing peace to my troubled inner-self.

My inner-self is my spiritual self.

It is through my inner-self that I could meet the Lord. It is my spiritual being where the ultimate peace of God could immerse into my praying soul. It is where my prayers were answered by God’s response. It is a place where I could be united with God. It is a place within my heart where I invite Jesus… to embrace me, to stay with me and live in me.

It is a sacred place within me. Even the world is too busy and noisy; I could still find serenity and harmony within me. Even the world where I am living is in terrible chaos and despite of the pain and agony that I am suffering… there is still a very strong connection between me and God. I am united with God’s because my soul is touched by the purifying fire of God’s Spirit.

When I open my inner-self which is my spiritual being, I am touched by the grace of God. God is uniting Himself to me through the grace of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I am not alone anymore. I am with God.

In the depth of my prayer, God consoled me through my realisations that He personally called me no matter what mistakes I have done in the past. Despite of my weaknesses, still, He tenderly loves me for who I am now. I am not afraid anymore to look beyond to my future for I am sure God will always be with me.
Admin note: Br. Dennis Marquez is a professed scholastic of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, Province of Our Lady of the Assumption (Philippines). He is now on his 4th year of theological studies at San Carlos Seminary, Manila, Philippines.

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