Twelfth Sunday – 21 June 2009

Jun 21, 2009 |

Gospel: Mark 4:35-41
Year B

Let us cross to the other side!
The Evangelist often highlights Your boat journeys, Lord Jesus. It is useful for going from one shore to the other…. It is also the symbol of our life, with its moments of happiness, of easiness, and its hours of anguish, of difficulties and challenges. You bring us to the other side, that of Your Kingdom, that of eternity. We are always on a journey: For there is no eternal city for us in this life but we look for the one in the life to come (Heb. 13:14). The boat is a means of transport, not a residence. As long as we are on earth, we continue to be travellers.

They took Jesus to the boat.
The voyage is easy while You are there. Your disciples have experienced it many times before. (Mk.6.51, Jn.6:21). Sometimes however, like them, we are disempowered by the storm, while it is dark night in our hearts, when the waves of trial or of temptation risk swamping us … Where are You, Lord? Why do You sleep? We are lost!

Why are you frightened? Why is it that you have no faith?
These words addressed to Your apostles, You repeat to us. But do we hear them? Do we listen to You?… Whether we feel Your Presence or not, whether You “sleep” or not, You are there. Increase our faith, Lord! I am with you always, to the end of the world! Your Eucharist concretises Your promise for each one of us …. and also for all those who are in the “boat” of Your Church.

That’s another lesson to cling to: we are all in the same boat. One day You used Peter’s boat to proclaim the world of God. Then You said to him: you will be a fisher of men! Our crossing “to the other side” must be accompanied by concern for our brothers. It is together that we go to the Father. Let us share, Lord, Your desire for the salvation of all.

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