Thirty Second Sunday – 8 November 2009

Nov 7, 2009 |

DublinGospel : Mark 12 : 38 – 44
Year B

Beware of the scribes ….
It is with sadness, Lord, that You had to pronounce this warning. The scribes, specialists in the Word of God, don’t take account of it: they have become shepherds who satisfy themselves instead of caring for their flock (Ezek.34). You are not gentle with them! But it is in love that You act this way :

  • love of the “Little ones” : the simple people are in danger with such shepherds ….
  • love also for the scribes : You want to enlighten them, to make them reflect.
  • To walk about in long robes, to be greeted in the market places ….
    Pride is not only the lot of the scribes of Your time. It more or less surreptitiously bothers all of us.- Who is not tempted to seek theplaces of honour, to enhance the sense of need in order to receive praise, to seek (humbly!) the admiration of others? You, Lord, You did not demand Your rights as Son of God, but You took the condition of a slave (Phil 2 : 6). Rid us of all vanity, of all pride; Help us to serve our brothers with You, like You!

    The example of the poor widow
    The next part of the Gospel invites us to discover, like You, true greatness. A poor widow put two small coins in the treasury. Undoubtedly, no one has noticed …. and the “sacristan” might have been tempted to complain about someone putting in only two cents!

    But You, Lord, You know how to see the good things and You know the depth of hearts. You share Your admiration with Your disciples : This poor widow put in all more than everyone else …. she gave all she had to live on!

    Let us share Your insight, Lord …. and give us the generosity of the poor widow.

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