Thirteenth Sunday – 27 June 2010

Jun 27, 2010 |

Gospel: Luke 9:51-62
Year C

Jesus was about to be taken up to heaven ……
Your mission will soon be finished. You will “return to the Father” Who sent You. The task which awaits Your disciples is huge ….. But how far they are from being ready to undertake this work! It will be up to the Spirit to achieve their formation and to guide them. Nevertheless, You continue their education by associating them with Your ministry.

He resolutely took the road to Jerusalem …..
It is Your last journey to the Holy city. You know what awaits You there. Resolutely, with courage, because You love us, You go towards the total gift ….. You want to imbue also in Your disciples the ideas they should embrace because they should have the same courage in the face of the obstacles and challenges they will meet.

He sent messengers ahead of Him …..
You send us, also, ahead of You, to prepare Your place in all hearts…. To us also You recall the spirit which ought to fill us if we want to be Your messengers:
*a spirit of gentleness in the face of refusal …. Like You, come not to judge or condemn, but to save….
*a spirit of poverty … like You, Who have no place to lay Your head….
*gift of self … to be, like You, totally committed to the essential: to proclaim the kingdom of God!
*total availability … like You: You were available “to the end”. You resolutely took the road to Jerusalem, the path to Calvary, the way of love which gives up its life…

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for remaining, through the Eucharist, our Companion on the way. Every day, You share with us Your Word and Your Bread. Thus, You repeat the message that we must bring to the world of to-day and You strengthen us through Your risen Body…..

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