Seventeenth Sunday – 26 July 2009

Jul 26, 2009 |

Gospel: John 6: 1-15
Year B

You, Lord Jesus, are the Prophet announced by Moses: I will raise up a prophet like you, from the midst of My people (Deut. 18:15). The “details” of the multiplication of the loaves reveal that You are the promised Prophet.

There is the mountain. It is the place of meeting with God. Up there, more so than Moses on Sinai, You are at home: You are seated. Then You invite Your disciples to do the same, thus unveiling for us the Father’s plan: He sent You to make us share His divine life.

It is a little before Passover, the great feast of the Jews. The Passover celebrated the end of enslavement, the departure for the Promised Land … More so than Moses, You are the Good Shepherd guiding the whole of humanity towards God. You are Way which lets us “pass” to the true Promised Land.

A large crowd followed You, recalls the Hebrews leaving Egypt (Ex. 12:37); and also announces countless crowds, trapped in the enslavement of sin, whom You come to liberate and to guide towards God.

Where can we buy some bread?
The Hebrews were hungry during their walk in the desert. At the time of moses, Manna had fed them. With You, it is even better: You fed the souls with your Word. You also took care of the bodies; You don’t want to see them weaken on the way (Mk. 8:3). The twelve baskets which remained will be inexhaustible. They announce the true Manna, the true Bread from heaven (Jn. 6:32) which You offer unceasingly in the celebration of the Eucharist: Take, all of you and eat!

Blessed are you, Lord, for such love! Blessed are You for the wonder of the Eucharist!

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