Second Sunday of Easter

Apr 19, 2009 |

Gospel: John 20: 19-31
19 April 2009

After the death of Jesus, the evening of the first day of the week….
This is not a simple historically precise timing. St. John puts us in parallel with the account of creation in Genesis. Your death, Lord, marks the end of a world, the end of the reign of Satan; You had predicted it: the prince of this world will be cast out (Jn. 12:31). Your resurrection is the first day of the new creation. Your death had plunged Your disciples into darkness and fear; for them it was the pits of emptiness and darkness (Gen. 1:2), like at the beginning of the world. your resurrection will be for them the radiant light announced by Isaiah (Is.60:1).

Jesus came, He was there in the midst of them….
The “Light of the nations” acknowledged by Simeon 40 days after Your birth, shrines from now on and fills with joy the heart of Your disciples. The new world which begins does not need sun any more, nor moon to give light, because its torch is the Lamb (Apoc. 21:22). It is You, risen Jesus! This light should shrine for the whole world. You entrust this mission to Your disciples: As the Father sent Me I also send you.

He breathed on them.
By this gesture, You pursue Your task of the new creation. At the beginning, God breathed into the nostril of the man, whom He had formed, the breath of life and the man became a living being (Gen.2:7). On this first day, You sent the Holy Spirit on man and he became a child of God. You share Your divine life with Your disciples.

Through the Eucharist You continue this new creation: You are there in the midst of us, risen Jesus, like that Easter evening. May you be blessed! Let us live with You, as beloved children of the heavenly Father.

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