Nineteenth Sunday – 9 August 2009

Aug 8, 2009 |

Gospel: John 6: 41-51
Year B

I am the Bread come down from heaven
You had fed the crowd by multiplying the child’s five loaves. Amazed, the people wanted to hold on to You to make you King. Their motive is not very high. You mention it to them: You are seeking Me because you have eaten your fill of bread. You came for something else, something more important: Work for the food which will last for eternal life!

I am the living Bread, come down from heaven.
We’re not just passers-by on earth. We were made in the image of God, called to live with Him, eternally. You bring us food which will sustain and develop this life. You Yourself are this Bread: living Bread and Bread of eternal life.

  • You are this Bread through Your Word: they will be taught by God Himself ….Whoever believes in Me, whoever hears My Word, has eternal life …
  • You are this Bread through Your Eucharist: the Bread Which I will give in My Flesh for the life of the world, It is My risen Body.

    The Jews were complaining ….
    They are not the only ones! Like them, how often I am tempted also to complain, to whine. I remain on the human plane …. increase my faith, Lord.

    No one can come to Me unless the Father draw him.
    The Father wants to draw all people to You. He sent You so that all may be His children, in You and through You. Thank You for coming to have us share this divine life. Thank You for making Yourself our food for this purpose: whoever eats Me will have life through me!

    Take It all of you and eat It!
    May all hear Your call, Lord, and respond to it!

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