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Exhibition of documents from the Vatican’s Secret Archives

Today is the opening of grand exhibition in Rome with 100 historical documents from theVatican’s Secret Archives.   The documents are open to the public until September of 2012. Items on display include records of the trial of Galileo, the bull of Alexander VI on the discovery of the New World, the bull of excommunication for Martin Luther, and the letters of St. Bernadette, the seer of Lourdes, that were written to the Pope.   The Vatican Secret Archives has just turned 400 years old. It’s called a “secret archive” because it’s the archive Pope’s secretary.     It will be the first and possibly the only time in history that they leave the confines of theVatican Citywalls. And they will do so in order to be housed and displayed in the beautiful halls of the Capitoline Museums inRome....

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Catholic Symposium on Mental Health to be held in Leeds

Catholic Medical Association (UK) – Leeds Branch A national Catholic healthcare symposium dedicated to mental health is to be held in Leeds in May this year. Aiming to furnish delegates with a broad exploration of mental health from a Catholic perspective, the symposium is inspired by the often hidden suffering of people with mental illness and is an active response to the Holy Father’s call to prayer: “I invite you to pray for those with mental health difficulties: that they are not placed on the margins, but treated with respect and lovingly supported as they live their life with dignity.” – Pope Benedict XVI  A continuation of an annual symposium series organised by the Catholic Medical Association (UK), the symposium, entitled, ‘A Light Shines in the Darkness: A Catholic Perspective on Mental Health,’ is under the direction of the Leeds...

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New Evangelization synod expected to focus on family’s role

THE INDISPENSABLE ROLE OF THE FAMILY IN TRANSMITTING THE FAITH    The Twelfth Ordinary Council of the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops recently held its seventh meeting. The outcome of their deliberations has been made public in a press communique.   Archbishop Nikola Eterovic, secretary general of the Synod, began by recalling that the thirteenth Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops is due to be held in the Vatican from 7 to 28 October on the theme: “The new evangelisation for the transmission of the Christian faith”. The members of the council then turned their attention to a draft version of the “Instrumentum laboris” or working document of the forthcoming Synod, pausing to examine the issue of “the recipients of the new evangelisation and the identity of Christians in their relationship with Christ”.   The...

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“Viva il Papa”

On Wednesday, February 29th, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI passes Blessed Pope John Paul II in becoming the sixth oldest Pope in the history of the Church, completing 84 years, 10 months, 2 weeks and 1 day. The ranking only looks at the Popes elected since the year 1400, because there are no precise records that existed beforehand. This is according to Anura Guruge; he gathers papal statistics and is the creator of the web page “Popes and Papacy,” on the history of the Popes. Those Popes that were older than Benedict XVI include Innocent XII and Pius XI, who both died at 85 years old, Clement X was 86, Clement XII lived to 87, and topping the list is Leo XIII, who served as Pope until he was 93. The day may have an historical significance for the...

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Franciscan guardians of the Holy Land

  Franciscan guardians of the Holy Land The Franciscans in the Holy Land, who have preserved Catholic sanctuaries in the area throughout the last 800 years, have a website in seven different languages offering more information about the sacred sites as well as pilgrimages to the region.  ...

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“Catholics” BBC FOUR

             “Catholics”                Children Episode 2 of 3 Duration: 1 hour     ‘Show me the child of seven and I’ll show you the man’, goes the Jesuit proverb. Award-winning documentary filmmaker Richard Alwyn observes the truth of the saying in this film about children becoming Catholic. Filmed throughout Lent and into summer 2011, it focuses on the children of St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School in Chipping, Lancashire. The tiny rural school has 33 pupils, six of whom are preparing to make their First Holy Communion. Alwyn’s lyrical, poignant film observes the essence of Catholicism being distilled into young children. Encouraged to celebrate the riches of the natural world and to remember those less fortunate than themselves, the children are also required to reflect on Christ’s brutal death and resurrection. Occasionally, this graphic story of suffering might...

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NOVENA of GRACE St Francis Xavier’s Church Salisbury Street, Liverpool, L3 8DR.   admin[AT] Tel: 0151 298 1911 Fax: 0151 286 5310   The annual Novena of Grace in honour of St Francis Xavier starts at the 10.15am Mass on Sunday 4th March – continues daily at the weekday noon Mass – finishing on Monday 12th March. This year the talks will be given by two Jesuit novices – Joel from Guyana and Jozef from Slovenia.         All welcome to attend, however if you would like to follow the Novena at home just contact the church for a prayer leaflet.                                ...

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Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies         From the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King Newsletter Weekly Record 7 – 26 February 2012  We are reviving an ancient tradition which associated a lily with the Resurrection of Christ and our hope in eternal life.  You are invited to buy a lily in memory of a departed loved one by placing £5 and the name of the person in an envelope and leaving it at the reception at Cathedral House, or give it to one of the Cathedral clergy. The lilies will be used to decorate the Sanctuary during Easter, and the 10.00am Family Mass on Easter Sunday will be offered for their names. See also Liverpool Cathedral:  ...

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S.S.S. Anniversary Congratulations

S.S.S. Anniversary Congratulations                                  On 27 February, 2012,  Fr Tony McSweeney SSS celebrates the 50th Anniversary of his Religious Profession as a Religious of the Blessed Sacrament.       Fr Tony McSweeney was the XII Superior General of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament from 9 July 1981 till 23 May 1993.               Fr Jo Dirks SSS also celebrates his Golden Jubilee of Religious Profession the same day. Fr Jo Dirks was Provincial of the Holy Spirit Province –Australia- and is the current (and former) Community Leader at St Francis’ Church, Melbourne.    To both, Congratulations and warmest wishes....

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