Fourth Sunday of Lent

Mar 21, 2009 |

22 March 2009
Gospel: john 3: 14-21
Cycle B

Must …
There is a word that’s hardly in vogue to-day! “claiming their rights” is preferable to speaking of “duty”! As if fidelity to duty and obedience hampered our liberty! Come and enlighten us, Lord!

Must ...
How often You used this word to convey the meaning of Your life among us. At 12 years old: I must be busy with my Father’s affairs …(Luke 2:49). Later: I must carry out the work of the One Who sent Me (Jn. 9:4). Faced with threats, You do not hesitate: I must go on to-day and to-morrow … (Lk.13:33). The Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinners, He must be crucified and He must rise again (Lk. 24:7).

What’s behind this must? What does it reveal? There is only one answer: love, the love of your Father and Your love for us. My food is to do the will of the One Who sent Me and to complete His work (John 4:24). This love will lead You to accept all the efforts, all the requirements which will arise: Having loved His own … He loved them to the end (John 13:1).

The Son of man must be lifted up …
Through Your cross and Your resurrection, You are lifted up: You return to Your Father bringing us with You. Thus You fulfill Your mission: to proclaim the Good News to the poor, to bring liberation to the oppressed …(Lk. 4:18). You bring us freedom, the true freedom as children of God. You lift us with You, You put us standing up, ready to walk behind You … may You be blessed, Lord. Bring us with You!

Help us to say with You: I must... love to the end!

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