Fifth Sunday of Easter – 02 May 2010

May 2, 2010 |

Gospel: John 13:31-35
Year C

Now has the Son of man been glorified ….
It is during the last supper You take with Your disciples, when Judas has just gone out to go to betray You, that You pronounce these strange words, Jesus. How can You speak of glory when You are going to be abandoned by all and condemned to death? What do You want to say, Lord? What is this “glory” of which You speak?

For the Bible, “Glory” is not an earthly celebration, human veneration. It signifies the profound value of a person. Now the Son of man has been glorified: in this way You say to us: “My passion and death will show you Who I am; They will reveal to you how far My love for you goes”. God is glorified in Him …. This doesn’t mean that Your Father takes pleasure in seeing You suffering, but that through Your suffering and death, You make visible to us His love for us: God has sent His Son into the world so that the world may be saved (Jn.3:17). With the departure of Judas, the hour has arrived for You to show us that God loves us “to the end”!

I give you a new Commandment
This “Glory” of God, this love of the Father for us that You have shown all through Your life, and especially in “Giving” You life, You want us to be filled with it: Love one another as I have loved you! This “commandment”, a mission that You entrust to us. We must “glorify” the Father, glorify You, in loving each other, like You, as You love us … by loving “to the end”!

But is this not an impossible mission, Lord? Yes, impossible for mankind, but nothing is impossible for God (Lk.1:37). You have given this order to Your disciples after the institution of the Eucharist. Through It, You live with us; You come to put this impossible love into us. You give it to us unceasingly, day after day … Thank You, Lord Jesus. Make us witnesses of Your “glory”, and Your love for all people.

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