Christ the King – 22 November 2009

Nov 22, 2009 |

DSC02967Gospel : John 18 : 33 – 37
Year B

Are You the King of the Jews?
Pilate thinks he’s asking a straight-forward question. A “yes” or “no” answer will sort it out ….In reality, he’s talking at crossed purposes with You

  • For him : the king is the head of state, endowed with supreme authority over all his subjects.
  • For You: God is the only King.
  • Pilate is thinking of an actual nation: Are You the King of the Jews?
    You on the other hand are thinking of all people that You want to lead to the only King.

    And You share His “Royalty”, since You are the Son of God. So You act as Master and You in Your turn ask questions: Are you saying this of your own accord, or because others have told you? You invite Your human judge to take responsibility, to act in freedom, not under the influence of others, those who wish You dead. Thus You pose the essential question : For you, Who am I? (Mark 8:29).

    Pilate dodges Your question … he hasn’t got time to lose discussing with You! He’ll do the same a little later: What is Truth? (Jn.18:38). A Philosophical or Religious discussion does not really interest him! He must have shrugged his shoulders in saying this and in walking away from You. But am I not also like this sometimes? Pre-occupied with my human concerns, my worries, my little tranquility, I do what does not accord with Your callings. I do not welcome You as the King of my life. I remain closed to the liberating Truth that You announce to us: I came into the world to bear witness to the truth …. the wondrous Truth that God loves us and that we are His children!

    Lord, be King of my heart!
    Keep me thirsting for this Truth, to live it always, to continue to listen to You: all who are on the side of Truth listen to M y voice.

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