25 October 2009 – Thirtieth Sunday

Oct 24, 2009 |

Gospel : Mark 10 : 46 – 52
Year B

Jesus left Jericho with His disciples and a large crowd ….
This must have been a wonderful sight! But, it is not human success that You are seeking. And You know that it is not outward appearances that count. You know the still human desires of Your disciples just as You know the great versatility of the crowds. What You seek, is the interior sentiments of faith and love. What You look at, is the depth of hearts.

A blind beggar was sitting at the side of the road….
Here is the one You want to point out as the true disciple. No one would have paid attention to him if he hadn’t started to shout: “Son of David, have pity on me!”… There was no other way to do it but to shout like this” Also, they wanted to silence him; he annoys them with his shouting!

Call him here!
You recognise in his shouting, Lord, a true faith; Your
heart hears his call and responds to it. You stop; You show the interest You have in this blind beggar, and You want to share Your feelings with the crowd.

Change my heart, Lord! How often I resemble these people who accompany You. I claim to be Your disciple… but I don’t know how to listen to the calls of my brothers, I pass beside them without seeing them, without wanting to see them! Give me the lively faith of this man:
The blind man threw down his cloak jumped up and ran towards Jesus! What an example! Also, You can say to him in healing him: your faith has saved you!
Jesus, let me throw down the cloak of my lack of faith, of self-interest! It closes me to You and to my brothers and it prevents me from jumping up towards You in trust and joy.

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