Who We Are

CSC_0204We are an apostolic group of men whose ideal is to assist the Church in her efforts to form Christian communities whose center of life is the Eucharist. We commit ourselves to the implementation of this ideal in collaboration with lay persons engaged in Christian ministries.

For 150 years, our priests, deacons, and brothers have reached all continents of the globe and continue the mission begun by St. Eymard, the Apostle of the Eucharist.

We believe that Christ in the Eucharist has the power to effect a radical transformation in our society and in all people. The power of the Eucharist motivates and strengthens us to work for the establishment of Christ’s Kingdom on earth.

We proclaim the reality of God’s love in the Eucharist by our “gift of self” to Him and our brothers and sisters. By prayer in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament and an active apostolic life, we strive to make Christ in the Eucharist better known and loved. In all that we do, Christ in the Eucharist is our inspiration and the center of our personal and community life.

We seek to understand all human reality in the light of the Eucharist, source and summit of the life of the Church.” Rule of Life No. 34

Our Mission

We are an apostolic group of men whose mission is:

  • To assist the Church in its efforts to form Christian communities whose centre of life is the Eucharist;
  • To allow the mystery of the Eucharist to take hold of our lives so completely that we will live this mystery fully and proclaim its meaning through various apostolates;
  • To respond to the hungers of the human family with the riches of God’s love manifested in the Eucharist;
  • To strive to make Christ in the Eucharist better known and loved through prayer in the Presence of the Eucharist and an active apostolic life;
  • To proclaim the Eucharist as a powerful force of renewal for Church and Society.

We commit ourselves to carry out this mission in collaboration with the laity.
We combine prayer and work in order that the entire world may be totally transformed into the people of God the Body of the Lord and temple of the Holy Spirit. In solidarity with those who are working for genuine human advancement, we are alert to the social implications of our actions.

We carry out our Eucharistic mission especially in city-centre shrines and parishes. “Our shrines are centres of Eucharistic Community and evangelisation, places of adoration, celebration and reconciliation, oases of peace in the heart of the city.”
“We make our parishes into authentic Communities shaped by the Eucharist, source and centre of their life.”

Our Life of Prayer

The celebration of the memorial of the Lord is at the centre of our personal personal and communal life. We internalize the celebration of His Passover by a prayer that makes our whole life a prolongation of our Eucharist.

Faithful to the tradition received from our Founder, we spend at least one hour each day in prayer before the Eucharist. This prayer forms part of the mission of the Congregation and has priority in the life of each religious.

Our Life in Community

Sharing in Jesus’ gift of self, we place ourselves at the service of the Kingdom. We are gathered at the heart of the Church as communities animated by God’s love and our common vocation. Open to the summons of the Spirit and attentive to the needs of the human family, our communities become places of prayer, of reconciliation and festive celebration.

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