World Congress on Mercy first time in Latin America!

Aug 12, 2013 |



Forthcoming World Congress on Mercy first time in Latin America!

Colombian bishops and Cardinal Schönborn, President of the Congress, expect a lot of participants from the whole world in Bogota. Video Press Conference

New entry to the Gospel

Msgr. Garcia announced that, during the meeting, « Divine Mercy will be very significant for the missionary strengths of the Church. » The South American Bishop is encharged of the preparation of the Congress by the Colombian Bishop’s Conference. After Rome (2008) and Cracow (2011), it is the first time that the World Divine Mercy Congress will take place outside Europe. Cardinal Schönborn notices the Colombian capital has been chosen for its ability to focus on the heart of the Gospel and to offer an inspiration for the Church today.

The Congress will express how the theme of Mercy is central for Christian life today. Through Divine Mercy, more and more people find a new access to the Gospel.

« Without mission, the Church dies »

« Without mission, the Church dies » Msgr. Garcia said. The missionary impulse of the christian communities is possible only on condition of a personal experience of Mercy. This personal conversion and also a pastoral conversion are determinant for the future of the Church. Mercy means, we do not wait for the people to come to us; instead, we need to go to meet them, from door to door, to bring them the message of Mercy. « If a parish is not missionary, it has got no mercy », Msgr. Garcia said. The Colombian Church expects from the Congress a strong impulse for the renewing of the Church and an input to stable peace in a wounded country (civil wars, conflicts for drug). « The way of Divine Mercy is for us a way of trust, because Colombia needs a way of peace. », the Istmina Bishop said.


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