Twenty Eight Sunday – 11 October 2009

Oct 10, 2009 |

St Stehen's Green 3Gospel: March 10: 17-30
Year B

A man knelt down before Jesus ….
This gesture is noteworthy, because it is only found twice in the Gospel. Certainly You never sought exterior signs of respect, Lord. Nevertheless, You can accept them in all simplicity …. just as You will say nothing when the soldiers will fall on their knees before You, in mockery, during Your passion. It is however, a gesture of adoration which You are entitled to expect: before Me, every knee shall bow! (Is. 45:23). The Apostle Paul recalls it: At the name of Jesus every knee bows! (Phil. 2.10).

Without doubt, You came to raise us, to lift us up, by freeing us from the weight of our sins, but kneeling before You is not a sign of enslavement. It is a free gesture which expresses our faith, our love, our trust. It is a gesture of which You have given us an example Yourself, Lord Jesus. In the garden of sorrow, on Your knees, You reaffirm Your acceptance of the Father’s will.

It is the gesture of Your disciples:
– of Peter asking for Tabitha’s return to life (Acts. 9:40),
– of Paul leaving the faithful of Ephesus (Acts 20:36),
– of Stephen praying for those who were stoning him (Acts 7:60).
The man of his knees grasps awareness of his greatness as a child of God.

What must I do to gain eternal life?
The man asks the essential question, the only really important one, because it involves our entire existence in this world … and the next. You must have been happy to hear such a request, Lord! The Gospel notes it later: You loved him! From his youth this man had kept the commandments of God. He rejoins Mary, the sister of Martha, who listened to Your Word (Lk. 10:39).

Grant us this desire to seek the essential, Lord, life with You. Keep us listening to Your Word …. Keep us small before You ….

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