The Meaningful Chocolate Company

Oct 10, 2012 |


The Meaningful Chocolate Company


The Meaningful Chocolate Company is run by people who are passionate about ethical trading and faith. We have experience in the manufacturing, commercial, financial, not-for-profit, marketing, voluntary, charity and ethical trading sectors.


We are an accredited Fairtrade company and are registered with the FLO, the international Fairtrade body and The Fairtrade Foundation. All of our products are Fairtrade ensuring that our growers receive a minimum price for their produce. We also contribute to Fairtrade’s Growers Premium which gives our growers a cash bonus for their produce to spend on improving their communities.

We are proud to be part of the ethical trading community.

Look out for us on your supermarket shelves, at Traidcraft or with cathedral and independent shops.


Most of the UK’s 20 million Christmas trees have nothing religious hanging on them…

Meaningful Chocolate Tree Decorations are an opportunity for parents, grandparents and Godparents to buy an interactive gift that allows the telling of the Christmas story while making the family Christmas tree a bit more Meaningful .


Each box contains a beautifully illustrated  copy of the Christmas story, a nativity character sticker set and five Fairtrade chocolate gold discs.

Once the Christmas story has been shared and the decs completed, they can be hung on the tree as a reminder of the real meaning of Christmas.

On our website below site you will find free resources and information on where to buy the Meaningful Chocolate Tree Decorations.

Final orders need to be made by the end of November. Limited stocks.

You can read more about us at our main site –


Advent purple ‘belongs to Cadbury’ ?


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Books on St. Peter Julian are available online. Please visit our Book Shop.

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Mass offerings can be made online now. Please select the desired amount you wish to offer. We thank you very much.