The magazine Claritas is born

May 31, 2012 |

The magazine Claritas is born

Claritas Journal

Claritas is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed online/open access academic journal inspired by the Focolare Movement’s life and thought, dialogue and initiatives.

General Information

The mission statement for Claritas is the following: The Focolare’s life and thought, dialogues and initiatives provide the inspiration for this interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, online/open access academic journal. Claritas also seeks to facilitate critical and constructive dialogue among scholars from all research disciplines and encourages cross-disciplinary and intercultural collaboration.

Exploring the “life and thought, dialogues and initiatives” inspired by the Focolare vision of unity means that Claritas is interested in being a vehicle for the publication of research on all consonant topics. Claritas is published semiannually in March and October. Its first issue appeared in March 2012.


Claritas, a new online journal connected with the Focolare Movement’s Città Nuova publishing house, is now an online publication. Callan Slipper, an Anglican theologian and one of the editors and designers of this project, talks about it.


Claritas is an online English language journal that seeks to explore a culture of unity in an in-depth and academic fashion. The articles will be peer-reviewed to assure their quality, but above all, as in the Italian Nuova Umanità, they will seek to explore every field in light of that unity which can generate a new world. It does not seek to serve any particular cultural area in the world, but offers anyone who uses English the possibility of expressing their ideas in that language. In order to allow everyone to participate, particularly those who, in different parts of the world, have fewer economic advantages, it is free, although, in order to cover expenses we ask those who can to contribute as they would with any other professional journal they use.”

See text of an interview with Callan Slipper about Claritas Journal of Dialogue and Culture :-


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