Pilgrimage of the Movements to the Tomb of the Apostle Peter

May 16, 2013 |

Day for the Movements, the Associations, and the Lay Associations

 Year of Faith ii

I Believe! Increase the faith within us

Pilgrimage of the Movements and the Lay Associations to the

Tomb of the Apostle Peter

Rome, May 18-19, 2013


Pope to meet with Lay Movements. More than 120,000 expected




On Saturday May18th and Sunday 19th, Pope Francis will meet with leaders and members of different lay movements. The meeting is a way to recognize their contributions to the Church and to mark the Year of Faith. Those two days will be quite busy. Roughly 120,000 tickets have already been given out for the Pope’s Pentecost Sunday Mass.  



President, Pontifical Council for New Evangelization

“We chose this weekend when we celebrate Pentecost to highlight the presence of all these movements, new communities, lay associations and all the different ecclesial roles that are present within the Church. They are signs that reflect the presence of the Risen Spirit of Christ that guides the Church in Her work of evangelizing.” 


Over 150 different movements from all over the world will gather in Rome over the weekend. 

Among them will be Catholic Action, Communion and Liberation, the Focolare Movement, the Community of St. Egidio and the Neocatechumenal Way. Other more recent movements that were born in the U.S, Argentina, Brazil, Congo, India and Trinidad will also be present. 


The meeting will start of on Saturday afternoon in St. Peter’s Square, where all the movements are invited. The musical group Gen Verde will be playing during the massive gathering. 



President, Pontifical Council for New Evangelization

“Once Pope Francis arrives, we will mark the beginning of the gathering with a prayer. We will then pay homage to Our Lady Salus Populi Romani followed by a Gospel reading.”


Then on Pentecost Sunday, again thousands are expected in St. Peter’s Square. There will be a special seating section for the sick. There will also be a sign language interpreter for the deaf so that everyone can join in the celebration. 

 Vatican Radio

Saturday 18 May 2013

Pentecost Vigil with Ecclesial Movements
at 04.00 pm

From St. Peter’s Square, Pentecost Vigil with the participation of Ecclesial Movements, presided over by Pope Francis

Live Broadcast from 03.50 p.m.


Booklet for the Celebration 

Sunday 19 May 2013

Pentecost Mass
at 10.30 am

From St. Peter’s Square, Holy Mass with the participation of Ecclesial Movements, presided over by Pope Francis, followed by the recitation of the Regina Coeli

Live Broadcast from 10.20 a.m.




Saturday, MAY 18


St. Peter’s Basilica

7:00 until 12:00

Pilgrimage to the Tomb of the Apostle Peter


St. Peter’s Square

3:00              Introduction to the Event

4:00              Welcome

Music and testimonies

5:00            Reflections                                                                 

Testimonies, reflections and prayer in preparation to meet the successor of the Apostle Peter

6:00              Meeting with the Holy Father                             


Pentecost Sunday, MAY 19

St. Peter’s Square

10:00           Holy Mass celebrated by the Holy Father




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