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“Catholics” Women BBC FOUR

     Catholics     Women Episode 3 of 3 Duration: 1 hour     In the third of three films exploring Catholic identity, award-winning documentary filmmaker Richard Alwyn talks to Catholic women about how Catholicism has shaped their lives. With remarkable behind-the-scenes access to Westminster Cathedral, this is a moving and intimate film in which Alwyn meets the female staff, volunteers and congregation of the cathedral. Set against the rhythm of cathedral life, Alwyn’s meetings are brief but intense encounters that describe what it is to be a Catholic woman in Britain today. Rose is second-in-charge of the cathedral’s sacristy, preparing the altar for six daily masses and making sure the priests have all they need. It’s like running a busy train station. A convert, Rose is the consummate ‘handmaid of the Lord’ for whom Catholicism is an anchor in life....

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EU Ambassador to the Holy See

EU’s Ambassador to the Holy See: “This economic crisis is forcing us to question our growth model”     The new European Ambassador to the Vaticanis a woman. On January 2012, Laurence Argimon Pistre from France took on her new role. “Engaging in dialogue is very important. My role is to establish that dialogue between the European Union and the Vatican,” said Ambassador Argimon. Laurence Argimon Pistre European Union Ambassador to the Vatican “At the EU we also have Article 17, which deals with having dialogue with churches.” That dialogue includes economic issues. Everything from the world economic crisis to theVatican using the Euro as its currency. Of course, there are also talks about freedom of religion and human rights. Laurence Argimon Pistre European Union Ambassador to the Vatican “This crisis is forcing us to question our growth model....

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Armed men in Mexico rob monstrance containing Eucharist

Armed men in Mexico rob monstrance containing Eucharist  Two armed men entered a perpetual adoration chapel in  Mexico during the early morning hours on Feb. 29 and stole the monstrance containing the Eucharist. “The kinds of acts undoubtedly manifest a lack of respect for God in his Church and a lack of values,” said the Diocese of Orizaba, which located in the Mexican state of Veracruz. According to the diocese, the men overpowered the five people who were in the chapel and locked them inside before making off with the monstrance. “As the Church, such a cowardly act hurts and concerns us, but what mainly disturbs us is what they are going to do with the Holy Eucharist, which as we Catholics know is the real presence of our Lord Jesus Christ,” the diocese added. Diocesan spokesman, Marcos Palacios,...

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‘The Nature and Role of the Conscience’

  North Merseyside Circle Spring 2012 Season of Talks Thursday 15th March  at 7.30p.m. St. Helen’s Parish Centre Alexandra Road Crosby L23 7TQ.   The Nature and Role of the Conscience Speaker: Fr. John Flynn This talk, while of general interest, will be of particular interest to A-Level RS students as it relates directly to the OCR A2 Ethics Module   Father John Flynn MA PhL is Chaplain to Salford University and Communications Officer of the Salford Diocese.  He is active in vocations work and youth ministry.  Fr. Flynn was ordained in 2006.   VIth FORM ESSAY COMPETITION £50 Prize During the course of the evening we will be launching an Essay Competition on a related topic for Sixth Formers  Tea/Coffee will be provided at the start of the meeting All Welcome! For further details, please contact John Potts...

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North Merseyside Circle Spring 2012 VIth FORM ESSAY COMPETITION £50 Prize Title:     “Conscience is the Voice of God” Discuss   Rules:   Entries must be written in English               Maximum 1500 Words               Word-processed in Microsoft Word              Font: Arial 14pt               Entries must be submitted by email Contact:  for entry form Closing Date:     26th April 2012 The winner will be informed by the end of May  For further details, please contact John Potts at Mob: 07889 841096 Registered as a Charity No. 1006769  ...

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Support Marriage: Online Petition for you to sign

Support Marriage: Online Petition for you to sign   This petition is restricted to UK residents who are aged 16 and over. The Coalition for Marriage is an umbrella group of individuals and organisations in the UK that support traditional marriage and oppose any plans to redefine it. The Coalition is backed by politicians, lawyers, academics and religious leaders. It reaches out to people of all faiths and none, who believe that marriage is the most successful partnership in history and should not be redefined. The Coalition draws upon a substantial body of evidence showing that marriage – as it has been understood for thousands of years – is beneficial to society, and that changing its definition would undermine that benefit. The Coalition’s petition demonstrates that there is broad public opposition to redefining marriage. The Coalition is committed to...

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First Minister’s St David’s Day Message

First Minister’s St David’s Day Message   First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones has sent a message to mark St David’s Day, 1st of March.   Marking the Welsh national day, the First Minister said: “Happy Saint David’s Day! It is with great pleasure that I send to you warmest greetings on behalf of the people of Wales as we celebrate our national day on March 1st .   The celebrations that go on in Wales and around the world to celebrate St David’s Day continue to grow.  We have a word here in Wales ‘Hiraeth’ that, though it has no literal translation into English, can mean a longing for a place.   This longing, this hiraeth, to connect to the heritage and culture of Wales can be seen in the number of St David’s Day and Welsh Societies...

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Prayer and Awareness of Dementia 12th – 19th March 2012

Prayer and Awareness of Dementia  12th – 19th March 2012   Bishop David McGough, an Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham, has lent his support to the National Week of Prayer for Dementia. This week, devoted to prayer and awareness of dementia, is now in its third successful year.   Specially designed prayer cards are available from the Pastoral Care Project. The cards encourage parishioners to think and pray for people who live with dementia, their families and carers.   Ahead of the week, Bishop McGough reflects on the importance of prayer: “Few of us can imagine the isolation, and consequent anxiety, that this affliction brings both to those who suffer and their families. Through prayer let us ground ourselves in our communion with the Lord, making ourselves one with the many who suffer and those who care for them.”   Dementia...

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Exhibition of documents from the Vatican’s Secret Archives

Today is the opening of grand exhibition in Rome with 100 historical documents from theVatican’s Secret Archives.   The documents are open to the public until September of 2012. Items on display include records of the trial of Galileo, the bull of Alexander VI on the discovery of the New World, the bull of excommunication for Martin Luther, and the letters of St. Bernadette, the seer of Lourdes, that were written to the Pope.   The Vatican Secret Archives has just turned 400 years old. It’s called a “secret archive” because it’s the archive Pope’s secretary.     It will be the first and possibly the only time in history that they leave the confines of theVatican Citywalls. And they will do so in order to be housed and displayed in the beautiful halls of the Capitoline Museums inRome....

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