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Sunday Celebrations In the Absence of a Priest (Rev. Ed.)

Sunday Celebrations In the Absence of a Priest (Rev. Ed.) Amended to include the recent Roman Missal, Third Edition, changes. As the number of available priests has declined, the Sunday Mass is becoming less and less available in some parishes and dioceses. Sunday Celebrations In the Absence of a Priest addresses this growing reality by providing the appropriate ritual to be used in the celebrating community. This revised ritual edition of Sunday Celebrations In the Absence of a Priest includes Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, and two appendices, Directory for Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest and Gathered in Steadfast Faith.   This beautifully bound ritual book includes three ribbons and is printed in two colours. It will be a welcome addition to the sacristy or library of every parish, school, convent, and religious house.   The US...

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A fascinating diplomatic experience

Looking back on a fascinating diplomatic experience Deputy Head of Mission Justin Bedford greets Pope Benedict XVI, September 2011. The following is a guest blog by Justin Bedford, Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy to the Holy See. “Sadly for me, this Christmas is my last in Rome, as I approach the end of my posting as Deputy Head of Mission at this Embassy. As I prepare to depart in January, this end-of-year moment gives me a chance to look back on my time in this job, and what it has meant for me. To say it’s been a fascinating and busy three-and-a-half years is perhaps something of an understatement, as I reflect on some highlights that spring to mind. Here are just a few: 1. A first year spent preparing for the historic State-level Visit by Pope Benedict...

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Pope to Taizé youth

Pope to Taizé youth: Be bearers of Christian unity   This Saturday, 29 December, 2012, an estimated 40 thousand young people gathered around Pope Benedict XVI above the tomb of St Peter for a vigil of prayer at year’s end. They are the young men and women of Europe’s Taizé Community on their annual ‘pilgrimage of trust on earth’ and they had come toRometo receive Pope Benedict’s blessing for their New Year’s ‘resolution’: To uncover the wellsprings of trust in God in today’s world.   Below, please find the text of the Holy Father’s address to the European meeting of the Taizé Community and the greeting to the Holy Father of Br. Alois, leader of the Community.   Thank you, dear Brother Alois, for your warm words, full of affection.   Dear young people, dear pilgrims of trust, welcome...

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 HOMILY OF HIS GRACE MOST REVEREND PHILIP TARTAGLIA, Archbishop and Metropolitan of Glasgow, for the 50th Anniversary of the Canonisation of St. Peter Julian Eymard, Founder of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, delivered at St. Anthony of Padua Church, Glasgow   1. I am very happy to be with you today here in St. Anthony’s for the Second Sunday of Advent and for the 50th Anniversary of the Canonisation of St. Peter Julian Eymard, the Founder of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament to whom St. Anthony’s Parish is currently entrusted.   2. Having been erected in 1861, St. Anthony’s is one of the oldest and venerable parish communities in the Archdiocese of Glasgow, with this fine church dating to 1878. As a Glaswegian and as aGlasgowpriest, I have always known of St. Anthony’s but strangely this is the...

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A Festive Meditation: An Eymardian Christmas as a Gift to the Year of Faith

Christmas is a gift for artists. There’s an anonymous resident of New York who has made 76th Street, Second Avenue, his canvas. Periodically, statements appear in the form of pavement graffiti, which, for this passerby, has often been a cause for thought. I was struck particularly by last week’s addition: ‘Being mindful is not having a full mind.’ “A timely statement”, I decided, as the days leading up to this great celebration can be hijacked by practicalities and sentiments whilst well intentioned, can blind us to what God says to the world in Christmas. We must be mindful of that. The celebration is itself the gift, which each year the Church invites us to unwrap, and in which, we receive something of the giver- God in the Christ Child. We know that each of our Gospels communicate differently the...

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Glasgow LITE

Glasgow LITE team were present at the 5oth anniversary mass of  St Peter Julian Eymard held inSt Anthony’ in Govan on the 9th Dedember 2012 Celbrating Mass was the Archbishop Philip Tartaglia and concelebrating Father Peter Dowling SSS. We had a stand at the side altar with our new banners showing St Peter and Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament leaflets and prayer...

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New Recruits

On Monday the 10th December the four new recruits finished their training under the guidance of Anne Ventisei the team trainer. The new members will have the opportunity to attend their first LITE meeting in January where the other members will be able to welcome...

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Glasgow LITE CHristmas lunch

The LITE team Christmas lunch was held yesterday in the Battlefield Rest reastaurant on the south side of Glasgow. All members were there with Fr Peter. Anne Ventisei was at a meeting in Dublin regarding LITE. It was a very happy and amiable group of people who had a good chat and a lovely meal. Bring on next year! It was paid for by the Blessed Sacrament Congregation and so we thank them for their generosity and...

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Time to say Goodbye, or perhaps, Welcome!

I love this time of year, always have, and I suspect always will. This season we know as Advent brings with it a particularly distinctive invitation to enter into a kind of timelessness. This timelessness can be understood in a variety of ways, but always gravitates to the same end: God’s purposes being fulfilled in and because of his love in Christ. We are more obviously aware that we await, plan and prepare for the commemoration of Christ’s birth on the 25th December. The signs of that are all round us. Lurking in the scriptures at the commencement of the season however, is the Church’s invitation to face the unspecified time, for we know “neither the day nor hour” (Matthew 25: 13), of Jesus’ fulfilment of that love, that very force which brought him to dwell among us in...

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