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Pope Francis’s message to the priests and people of Scotland

Pope Francis’s message to the priests and people of Scotland Pope Francis has sent an encouraging message to the priests and people of Scotland to be delivered by Archbishop Muller who is visiting for the launch of the St Andrew’s Foundation. The text of the message is as follows: The Most Reverend Gerhard Ludwig Müller Prefect Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith VATICAN CITY Your Excellency, His Holiness Pope Francis was pleased to learn that you are to journey to Scotland for the Cardinal Winning Lecture at Glasgow University, and a meeting with the Catholic clergy. Just as his beloved predecessor, Benedict XVI, strongly advocated Catholic education in Scotland during Mass in Glasgow in 2010, Pope Francis is happy to add his voice in support of Catholic education in the country. He asks you to convey his greetings to...

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Archbishop of Canterbury visiting Pope Francis in Rome

Archbishop of Canterbury visiting Pope Francis in Rome The Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Reverend Justin Welby, will travel to Rome, accompanied by Mrs Welby, for a personal and fraternal visit to Pope Francis on 14 June.  The two clerics have shared interests in global justice, ethical regulation of financial markets and conflict resolution.  Archbishop Nichols, leader of Catholics in England and Wales, will accompany Archbishop Welby on the visit. Earlier in the day, Archbishop Welby will visit the excavations beneath St Peter’s Basilica to pray at the tomb of St Peter, as his predecessor Dr Rowan Williams did on his first visit to Rome.  Archbishop Welby will also pray at the tomb of the late Pope Blessed John Paul II, who died in 2005. A more extended visit, when the Archbishop can engage with various other Vatican officials,...

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Pope and PM against Famine and Hunger

Pope and PM against Famine and Hunger British Prime Minister David Cameron attends Nutrition for Growth conference. London, 8 June 2013 Last week I wrote about plans for sustaining global momentum on development and against poverty after 2015. 2015 feels a long way away. And yet in the last few days we have seen, very practically, how government, civil society and faith can come together to make a difference now. Speaking on 5 June, Pope Francis reminded the faithful gathered in St Peter’s Square how the monumental waste of food in many countries “is even more despicable when all over the world, regrettably, many individuals and families are suffering from hunger and malnutrition”. He urged us all to take “common responsibility for the earth”, for “the members of our human family”, and “especially for the many children in the...

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The Bede Chair of Catholic Theology

The Bede Chair of Catholic Theology The Centre for Catholic Studies, Durham University is delighted to announce the appointment of Prof. Karen Kilby, currently of the University of Nottingham, as the new Bede Professor of Catholic Theology. Prof. Kilby, will take up post in January 2014.   A native of Connecticut, Prof. Kilby studied Mathematics and Theology at Yale and Cambridge, completing her PhD on Karl Rahner under Kathryn Tanner and George Lindbeck. After holding a Gifford postdoctoral research fellowship at St Andrews she taught at Birmingham, and then, since 2001, at Nottingham, where she also served for three and a half years as Head of the Theology and Religious Studies Department.   In her research and writing Prof. Kilby has engaged closely with two of the major twentieth century Catholic theologians, Karl Rahner and Hans Urs von Balthasar...

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A Month with the Eucharist

A Month with the Eucharist A resource for priests and for all who want to meditate more deeply on the Eucharist and its relationship to the Church, this “golden booklet” includes preparation for daily Mass, thirty-one reflections structured for the month, and daily prayers for preparing for Mass. Each of the thirty-one days of reflections ends with an invocation. Bilingual, with facing Latin pages. A Month With the Eucharist [Paperback] Libreria Editrice Vaticana ISBN: 978-1-60137-275-8 Pages: 156 Size: 5″ X 7″ X 1/4″...

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Petitioning Lord Freud

  Petitioning Lord Freud     This petition will be delivered to: Department for Work and Pensions Lord Freud Lord Freud: Make sure night shelters aren’t forced to close their doors to homeless people   Petition by John Gall, Emmaus   Please sign this petition to urge Lord Freud and the Department for Work and Pensions to take immediate action to ensure that night shelters are not forced to close due to the loss of Housing Benefit.   To: Lord Freud, Department for Work and Pensions   Please take urgent action to ensure that more night shelters are not forced to close due to the withdrawal of Housing Benefit. The ruling in favour of Isle of Anglesey Council to deny Housing Benefit to a man staying in a night shelter on the grounds that it cannot...

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Archbishop of Canterbury to visit Pope Francis in June

Archbishop of Canterbury to visit Pope Francis in June The meeting between the two religious leaders on 14 June will be of deep ecumenical significance Maria Teresa Pontara Pederiva Rome Justin Welby, who was enthroned as Archbishop of Canterbury and world leader of the Church of England, in Canterbury Cathedral last 21 March, is to visit Pope Francis in Rome on 14 June.   The Church of England has 80 million faithful across 146 countries.   The news was confirmed by Mgr. Mark Langham of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and Marie Papworth, one of the Anglican Primate’s spokespeople, in a statement to England the Italian bishops’ press agency, SIR.   “It will be a “short, informal courtesy visit” but “significant” because “it will be the first meeting” of the two leaders: Mons. Langham recalls that Archbishop...

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THE CORONATION CHAIR   St Edward’s Chair was made between 1297 and 1300 upon the instruction of King Edward I. It incorporated the Stone of Scone as its seat, a block of sandstone upon which Scottish kings had formerly been inaugurated, and which was surrendered to King Edward in 1296. The King presented the Chair to the Shrine of St Edward the Confessor, where it was used by the Mass priests, but it was also quickly adopted for the anointing and crowning of monarchs, the first coronation in which it was used possibly being that of King Edward II in 1308. The Chair has certainly played a prominent role in all coronations since Henry IV’s in 1399. It is known across the world and is one of the oldest pieces of English furniture still in use.   Made of...

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The Poor and the Powerful: A New Global Partnership

The Poor and the Powerful: A New Global Partnership Can we be the generation to eliminate extreme poverty from the earth? This is the challenge set by the Report of the High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, co-chaired at the request of the UN Secretary General by the Presidents of Liberia and Indonesia, and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The Report does not come from a top-down process, despite the eminent names on the Panel. It is the product of nine months of careful listening to what poor people say is important to them. All the right experts were consulted, as you might expect. But Panel members also spoke to farmers, indigenous peoples, local communities, informal workers, people with disabilities, women’s groups, trades unions and faith groups. Poor people spoke eloquently about insecurity...

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