Heaven’s Road FM Catholic Radio

Feb 10, 2014 |

A new Catholic Internet Radio stationhr-logo-296


Broadcasting 24/7 Catholic Prayers, Reflections, Features and Music.

Plus access to Live Masses and Listen-AGAIN with 200+ programmes for you to choose from ….


Heavens Road fm is run entirely by unpaid volunteers who live all over the UK and as far away as Canada and Nigeria.
Based at St John’s Seminary, Guildford, we plan to make and broadcast a wide range of enjoyable programmes to appeal to Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Our Mission is to celebrate our Catholic Faith – by broadcasting a wide mix of interesting and original programmes, which showcase the creative talent within our Catholic community.  We’re working hard to grow our mission by expanding both our listener base and our team .

Heaven’s Road fm Catholic Radio was launched in November 2013.  The new internet radio is the brainchild of Gerry Coates a Catholic singer/songwriter, who launched the original Heart Gives Unto Heart Catholic Radio for the Papal visit in 2010.  Gerry said “The new internet radio sees its mission as providing a positive voice to celebrate our Catholic Faith, we aim to appeal to a wide audience and will broadcast a magazine mix of programmes.  I believe strongly that the talents in our Catholic community should be encouraged and through this new medium we hope to increase communication within the Catholic community by providing a platform for Catholic clergy and lay people, schools, and charities to have their voices heard”!



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