God bless the Holy Father and our common path

Mar 15, 2013 |

God bless the Holy Father and our common path




The successor of Benedict XVI is an Argentinean and a Jesuit.


He takes the name of Francis, thus giving his pontificate a strong sign:





As Eloi Leclerc writes when speaking about the time of Francis of Assisi:

«The new society bears in itself the best and the worst: surge for more freedom and fraternity, it is at the same time undermined by turbid and frightening forces which may turn against it and tear it apart.»


a universal heart,

standing by the poor

É. Leclerc, François d’Assise – Le retour à l’Évangile, Desclée de Brouwer, Paris, 1981, p.31


Today, with all the Church, in a humanity which is “in labour pains”, the religious men and women of Europe pray for God to bless the Holy Father and to make fruitful our common path.


General Secretary

Union of the European Conferences of Major Superiors


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