Nov 12, 2008 |

8266scholastic-missionThe Philippine Province of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (SSS) sends three of its scholastics for their yearlong period of pastoral exposure abroad. Br. Lennen Deciar and Br. Allen Peña are now in an SSS community in Argentina, while Br. Vergel Dalangin is assigned at our SSS community in La Mure (France), birthplace of SSS founder St. Peter Julian Eymard.

These three zealous young men are geared toward the priesthood. They had just finished their second year in theology, Brs. Allen and Vergel at San Carlos Graduate School of Theology in Makati, while Br. Lennen had his studies at Maryhill School of Theolgy in Quezon City. As part of the Scholasticate program, they are to undergo pastoral exposure before proceeding to their third year in theology, an opportune time to integrate their seminary experience and theological knowledge with the more challenging real life Church milieu in view of the congregation’s Eucharistic mission.

They respectively hail from different localities and educational backgrounds. Br. Lennen is 29 years old from the Diocese of Dumaguete. He holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Management & Accounting from Saint Paul College in Dumaguete City. Br. Allen is 31 years old from the Diocese of San Fernando, Pampanga. He is a graduate in Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at the University of the Assumption in San Fernando, Pampanga. And Br. Vergel is 31 years old from the Diocese of Lipa. He is a graduate in Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila.

Let us pray for their holy perseverance, and that they may be enriched by the experience and bear fruit in their respective ministries!

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