Church TV

Aug 7, 2013 |

Church TV

About is an online streaming site which provides viewers with a direct link into Cathedrals and Churches for Mass and other events such as Weddings, Funeral, Novenas, Baptisms and lots more. With the launching of new services we are even more accessible to the community. is part of the Church Support Group.



With you can:

  • Watch Live Religious services through your web browser.
  • Watch Live on your mobile device.
  • Watch playback on a television with the Church Telecom Set Top Box.
  • Watch back recordings of services from the churches.
  • Download recorded services for a permanent record of a Mass, Wedding, Funeral or Special Service

If you would like further information or to discuss putting your church online please contact us.

Our mission

We believe the family is the basic unit of society and the parish is the basic unit of the Christian society. Our mission is to create an accessible and user friendly service to our customers so they can enjoy all services from anywhere in the world and from all modern devices.


Church Services TV was established in 2005 leading the way in Ireland with this technology. As part of the Church Support Group, sister organisations within the group integrate other useful services for viewers.

Church Telecom is the leading faith sector telecoms provider. Through the Church buying power in Ireland and the UK, Church Telecom brings landline, broadband and mobile phone services to the Christian Community. Church Telecom also provides the Set Top Box which brings live services to TV Sets.

Church Resources – and provides the Christian Community with a range of products and services, including CCTV, for the Church Institutions (business) and the Church members in their homes (residential) at reduced prices offering savings and Christian business ethics.

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