A four session DVD resource on The Sacraments

Jan 22, 2013 |


A four session DVD course exploring:


  • Why Sacraments?
  • Baptism
  • Confirmation
  • The Eucharist

CaFE have just published a new DVD resource called The Sacraments: Transforming Everyday Life.

You can order the DVD pack from the CaFE website here: http://faithcafe.org/collections/the-sacraments-transforming-everyday-life/products/sacraments-transforming-everyday-life-dvd-course

Presented by Paschal Uche and Pippa Baker, with an introduction from Archbishop Bernard Longley. Filmed on location in Rome and around the UK.

Read comments on Bridges and Tangent here: http://bridgesandtangents.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/the-sacraments-new-dvd-resource-for-parishes-schools-catechesis-and-faith-groups/

Each session includes a short film featuring lay people living out the sacrament in their daily lives, plus in depth explanations from experts on the theology of the sacrament with examples of practical application. Ideal for those exploring the Church and for Mass-goers seeking to refresh their faith. It is also suitable for use in schools and with confirmation groups (of all ages) and their parents.

Course pack includes four DVDs, a Leader’s Guide (pamphlet) and A5 Promotional Handouts (pack of 100).

Featuring Sr Catherine Droste OP, Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, Jo Boyce, Stephen Rooney, Fr David Oakley, David Wells, Barry and Margaret Mizen, Fr Paul Keane, Fr Stephen Wang, and more…Ideal for parish courses, RCIA, prayer groups and schools.

Please note that the UK DVD players use PAL format, whereas North America uses NTSC. Both PAL and NTSC work with PCs.

There is a 10% discount (already in the price) for all orders placed before Easter 2013

£52.46 GBP


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