A day to celebrate the Ecclesial Movements and Communities

Sep 22, 2013 |

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A day to celebrate the Ecclesial Movements and Communities


“I have often had occasion to stress that there is no conflict or opposition in the Church between the institutional dimension and the charismatic dimension, of which movements are a significant expression. Both are co-essential to the divine constitution of the Church founded by Jesus, because they both help to make the mystery of Christ and his saving work present in the world.”

Blessed Pope John Paul II

This meeting will show in various ways how the movements are a gift at the service of the Church today. It is open to all, to those already belonging to a movement, as well as to those who would like to know more about these new charisms sent by the Holy Spirit.

The day will consist of music and drama, prayer and testimonies.

It will take place at:

Methodist Central Hall, Westminster

on Saturday 9th November 2013, from 10.30 – 17.00



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