25 April 2010-Fourth Sunday of Easter

Apr 25, 2010 |

Gospel : John 10 : 27 – 30
Year C

I am the Good Shepherd ….
The Prophet Ezekiel had challenged the Kings of Israel about their behaviour: Woe to the shepherds of Israel who feed themselves instead of looking after their flock…. and God added : I will take care of the flock; I will look for the lost one… I will make the weak strong.. (Ez:34). In coming among us, You fulfil Your promise, Lord Jesus.

I know My sheep …
In order to tell us more clearly of Your love, You wanted to “be born among us”. At Your birth “in a stable”, Your first companions are shepherds. Your Apostolic life throughout Palestine was after their image. Seized with pity for the crowds who were like sheep without a shepherd (Mk.6:34), You shared our life on earth, our anguish and our suffering to lead us back to the sheepfold of Your love…. This concern for our wellbeing makes You “go to the end”, to climbing Calvary and dying on the cross to give us life: There is no greater love that to give his life for those he loves!
I will pasture them in good pasturage … announced Ezekiel (34:14). This “good pasturage”, is Your Eucharist, the Table of Your Word and of Your Bread… a Table always set where You renew unceasingly Your invitation: Let them sit down! (Jn.6:10) … Come, take, all of you, and eat!

My sheep listen to My voice
Let us, Lord, be faithful sheep who follow you and listen to Your voice, who come to feed on Your Word and to drink in life in Your Eucharist …. And grant Your Church shepherds like You, to lead back to the sheepfold all the crowds of to-day ….

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